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Order of the Ram

     When the people are ruled by their own true Lords and their Ladies nurture the young, when life and love and speech are free, and honor wields the sword, then all is open, it’s a Golden Age, and Truth resounds from on high.

     But when the Dark Age comes the enemy rules by deception and intrigue and lies; women defile their blood and their troth, and murder their children unborn. The people are bound, blindfolded, and gagged, and none but the brave speak free.

     Then honor must carve out a path underground, men must make league by stealth. One in a thousand may hear their call, and one in a million respond. But such an Elect, the best of the best, can forge themselves into a force that will smash the rotten world order and scatter its billions of slaves.

     We need not await the day of the deed to begin building afresh. Our New Order exists right here and right now, and the Golden Age grows in our midst. Our Spirit was born in the sign of the Ram, a miracle known to the few.  Now we proclaim it throughout the white world, to our brothers and sisters ~ and you!

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     A spiritual-martial order is something that naturally whelms up in the marrow of white men when the challenge of the times requires it. On the warming turf of Europe watered by the melting glaciers, and later on the Pontic Steppe, the mightiest warriors were those who could call down the powers above and infuse them into their bodies and souls, and spread the divine contagion through the league of men in battle. In the aftermath this highly-charged Geist would flow from the men to the women in love, and thence to the children and elders in the enduring round of daily life.

     When the clans expanded and settled into civilization, a division of labor arose between the masters of spirit and sword ~ priests and warriors, Brahmins and Kshatriyas. Yet in every generation the greatest leader was a godlike man who embodied both castes and melded them in his being. And in every epoch there appeared a man who was acknowledged as God incarnate, an Avatar who brought redemption as well as victory and put the stamp of his soul on all the generations that followed.

     Today we live in the worst of times, leaderless, lost, and benighted. This, then, is the hour for a self-chosen few to make league in the darkness and plot a course for the multitude that will lead to a new day for all.

     If you have any questions or thoughts to share, feel free to email them to the address below. Meanwhile, here are some artifacts relevant to the task at hand:

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