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Instant Recap: The War Council wished for a divine sanction for their plan to trigger the collapse of civilization, which would cause the death of millions. Someone asked: “What God could ever will it?” In response Gavin assumed the Godform of Krishna who repeated his thundering fiat from the Bhagavad Gita: “I am all-powerful Time who destroys all things, and I have come here to slay these people…. Be ye therefore my instruments… remember that you smite only the dead, and the empire will fall into your living hands.”

11. Eclipse of an Aeon


     Eric said to Gavin, “Do you have any time-

table yet for how long it’ll take us to complete all the prep for the operation?”

     “It so happens,” said Gavin, “that once again the Gods have revealed the timetable in the heavens; so it behooves us to make all due haste and be ready to pull the plug at the cosmically destined moment.”

     He allowed an interval of silence for puzzled looks and spinning wheels. Then Albrecht said,   “Oh ~ there’s going to be another eclipse!”

     “Yes indeed, which is why I’m glad you brought up the last one.” There was a chorus of ‘When?’, ‘Where?’, and ‘Wow!’ Gavin said, “Soon ~ only a couple of years. And right here in the USA.”

     “I believe the date is August 21st in Year 17,” said Albrecht.

     “Right,” said Gavin. He clicked his remote at the big screen and there appeared a map of the continental United States. It was crossed by a highlighted band about seventy miles wide from the far left edge of the map in the Pacific Ocean, crossing into Oregon, sweeping across the whole country down through South Carolina, and then into the Atlantic. This was the path of totality.

     “It’s breathtaking!” said Brunhilde.

    “It sure pins down the target,” said Erik, seated next to her.

     “Does it hit land anywhere else?” asked Flash.

     “Nope,” said Gavin. “The Gods and nature,

and the cycles of all-powerful time, will carve their scalpel-line of fate specifically upon the USA. Even if we did not act, a special nemesis would afflict the country at that time ~ at least in the numenal realm.”

     “I’ve heard the stories about the ’99 eclipse,” said Hector, “how it inflicted a kind of spiritual death on the race because it crossed all the old white homelands.” There were sounds of assent and recognition. “But what I don’t get is why a total solar eclipse is so negative. You never hear about that from astronomers or the mainstream media, just what a great spectacle it is.”

     “In more enlightened times,” said Flash, “there was no split between astronomy and astrology. But today we only get a half-baked scoop from dualized science, so you have to jump into an alternate paradigm and consult the astrologers for the numenal side of what in reality is a single integrated event, taking place above as well as below.”

     “In 1999,” said Gavin, “the vital remnant of European folk wisdom alerted people to the hazardous nature of the eclipse. It was debunked by the skeptics in the media, but for anybody who was paying attention it got a tragic validation when an earthquake hit Istanbul less than a week later.”

     “Sorry to sound like a skeptic,” said Hector, “but how do you know that was connected to the eclipse?”

     “Well, the path of totality passed directly across the faultline.”

     “Whoa!” said Hector, “that is pretty striking.”

     “It sure is,” said Flash, “and there were other astrological factors that gave that particular eclipse a deadly impact. It took place during the longest grand cross in recorded history ~ that’s when four planets oppose each other in a big square on the zodiac. It lasted over a month, and the earthquake took place on the last day.”

     A number of people spoke up at the same time, and it diverged into a buzz of separate conversations around the table, all very animated. After a minute or so Eric said loudly, “Okay, let’s have some order, folks. We we’ve got life and death issues to hammer out.”

     The susurrus stopped, and when everyone had returned to respectful attention Diana said to Gavin, “I’ve been neglecting my astrology lately, or I would’ve seen this coming. So how does the chart for this next eclipse shape up? Is there anything especially augursome for our stratagem?”

     “As a matter of fact,” said Gavin. He clicked the remote again and the map on the screen was replaced by a horoscope wheel.

     “A grand trine!” gasped Diana.

     “And it’s a triple header,” added Vance, noting that the large blue triangle had not one but three upper points.

     “Best of all,” said Gavin, “is that the eye in the pyramid is the eclipse itself.” Working the remote, he highlighted the Sun and Moon symbols at the apex of the grand trine.

     “That’s very powerful,” said Brunhilde, “but isn’t a grand trine a positive augur? Wouldn’t a more negative layout be better for the stratagem?”

     “Yeah, we need some doomsday signs,” said Spike. People laughed and he continued: “On first glance I thought we had another grand cross, but then I saw that there’s no bottom line.”

     Gavin highlighted the red lines Spike was referring to and said, “Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus almost form a grand cross, but missed the ‘bottom line’ because Pluto and Uranus are not quite square.” He pronounced the last planet’s name with a soft ‘a’: you-RON-us.

     “It’s still a terrifically negative configuration,” said Diana. “The impact of the missing square is more than compensated by the three oppositions in the chart, whereas a grand cross just has two.”

     “Exactly right,” said Gavin, “but we’d better back up and fill in some basics for the folks who aren’t versed in astrology.”

     “Thank you!” said Kamran ~ “I was feeling swamped in gobbledygook. Of course I know that differential calculus and particle physics would sound the same to me.”

     “Sorry,” grinned Gavin. “But that’s a good point, because higher math was first created by our Aryan ancestors specifically to chart the heavens. And as Flash mentioned, they had no schizoid split between the numenal and physical aspects of science.”

     Hector said, “What, you mean the New Age is scientific?” A couple of people besides himself chuckled at the remark.

     “Don’t compare sitcoms and Shakespeare,” said Diana with an edge of anger. “All science and art get distorted and debased as the substance broadens out from the inner core to the masses. It’s a whole sliding scale from fuzzy to furry to flatulent.” The ripple of laughter was clearly on her side.

     “Billions are made every year on cleverly-marketed pseudo-science,” said Flash. “But there is a recognized academy of officially-credentialed scientists, and even the masses are aware of the distinction. But no such thing exists for numenal science, or metascience, because this civilization doesn’t recognize it. So when liberal luv-&-liters start fluffing their flatulent beliefs there’s no one to say them nay, no way for ordinary people to distinguish between the furry fringe and the hard esoteric core.”

     “That’s us!” said Vance with ironic levity. “And after we pull the plug on this profane civilization, we can set up an academy to prove it to the people who can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” Now gales of laughter carried the day for metascience in the collective mind of the Council.

     “Okay,” said Gavin, “here’s my hands-on interpretation of how the celestial influence shown in the chart will help us pull the plug ~ or hinder us, if we don’t heed the augury. It tells us that there’s an excellent chance for success even though the plan is so audacious ~ in fact that’s exactly what the moment demands. But even though we ride on a high tide, heaven demands strict purity of our motives. Lust for power, vainglory, ego inflation ~ any of these in sufficient measure will cause us to defeat ourselves.

     “The afflictions in the chart ~ the negative aspects ~ mostly pivot on Venus. The Goddess of Love has a dampening effect on war, and she’ll try to make us slack off by feeling too optimistic or taking too much for granted. To overcome this malefic influence, we’ll need iron will and heroic self-control. We’ll have to be good soldiers and tend to all the nitty-gritty, and to work with maximum efficiency. Our passion will fuel us in this challenge, but it also needs creative brilliance in carrying out the strategy. There’ll be dramatic ups and downs, unexpected twists, so we’ll have to think on our feet or at the keyboard, wherever we’re deployed.”

     He paused, and there was a collective inrush of breath. “Man,” said Hector, “this amps me up!”

     “Yeah,” said Spike, “I can hardly wait to get it on!”

     “Sounds like Mars,” said Brunhilde. “I just hope he doesn’t succumb to the seductive afflictions of Venus.” Her eyes twinkled ironically at Hector & Spike, then in a moment she continued: “I see that Mars is at one of the apexes of the grand trine with Saturn and Uranus at its base, so I’m sure our mighty war god will acquit himself well. But are there more details about that?”

     Gavin replied, “The slow-moving outer planets reflect the big historical shifts in culture and politics, so the fact that they all figure so strongly in the chart makes it an exact match with our agenda. Uranus in particular is associated with vast cataclysmic change ~ tectonic shifts of power, paradigms, and cultures. And there he is in Aries at a crux of the grand trine as well as the almost-grand cross. It heralds the turning of the Aeon.”

     “So we can finish what we started at the turn of the millennium,” said Flash.

     “That’s the challenge,” said Gavin. “The furry fringe who know about this stuff always expect instant Armageddon ~ the Earth erupts, the heavens split, the Elect are levitated upward as angels swoop down with flaming swords. The whole nutty crowd was out there for the ’99 eclipse and the planetary alignment in May 2000. When mundane life went on without a ripple, they heaved a big sigh and went home. But here in the hard core we know that esoterically the world ended in that eclipse and the Kingdom of Heaven came down to Earth in the alignment.”

     “Right on schedule,” said Vance, “even by the mundane calendar. All those furry fundies knew it in their guts ~ when else would Jesus come back except in his big birthday year? I mean, that’s why they call it ‘millennialism’.”

     “I thought Jesus was really born in 6 BC,” said Hector.

     “Doesn’t matter,” said Flash, “that’s just a minor detail. What matters is all those zeros on the calendar ~ that’s what impacts the collective consciousness and provides the oomph for turning the wheel of the aeons.”

     There were still a few skeptical faces around the table. Diana said, “The Hindus, as usual, pinned it down with their exact metascience ~ or at least one of the many schools that work out detailed timetables for prophecy and such. They foretold that the Kali Yuga would end in 1999.”

     “Holy shamoly!” said Mindy. “No wonder our man Kalki here was born the next year.” Her look of wonderment at Gavin elicited a chuckle from him.

     “There are fundy Hindus too,” said Vance, “and the biggest irony of all is how the hard heads on both sides of the aisle will fight over their prophecies and never notice that they’re a perfect match, or that the same dude has come along to fulfill them both.”

     “Lo, he is here,” quoted Diana, beaming at Gavin with motherly pride.


Part II: The Prodigal Twin

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