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Instant Recap: Five-year-old Annie Malone rose up to the Sun and became a Goddess. Her father interrupted the transcendent daydream and brought her to Lilith, a dominating woman who took the family out for a ritual she planned at Montauk, Long Island.


2. A Split in the Quickening


     At almost the same time that Annie made her trip to the Sun, a boy her age was trekking through the gold- flecked verdure of the Valley of the Moon intent on a similar purpose. The boy was Gavin and the year was 2005 ~ or 5 AA as reckoned by the Kin of Aries: Anno Arietis, Year of the Ram, sometimes simplified in common parlance to “Year 5”. For indeed 2000 AD was held to be the Year Zero, the dawn not only of a millennium but of a World-Age, an Aeon, a Yuga.

     Gavin was stark naked, for the white communitarians had adopted the enlightened custom of allowing their prepubescent children this freedom, resurrecting the word “stripling” along with its usage. He mounted a tree stump in a clearing, stood proudly erect, and raised his arms to the solar glory. “Hail, Father Sun!” he chanted in a fulsome voice; “please, King Apollo, come and tell me your secrets, for I am your son!”

     The perceived effect of this plea was as miraculous as Annie’s, though in a different mode: Gavin did not rise from his foothold, but the Sun instead began to descend. The disk seemed to spiral down and grow larger, just as it had to the wondering eyes of the multitude on that fabled day at Fatima; soon it was an immense fireball directly overhead, touching the tips of the trees that surrounded the clearing, as if they might be set ablaze at any moment. Suddenly the mass of plasma condensed into a form at its center, and the radiant figure of a man or a God floated gently to the ground and clasped the hands of Gavin. The light and fire poured into the boy, and if anyone had been watching the spectacle they would have known beyond doubt that he was the son of the Sun.

     “Hi, Dad!” said Gavin with a gleeful grin. He wasn’t mistaken, for the luminescence of the being before him was cast in the perfect image of the man who had been his father, and whose name on Earth was Apollo.

     “Hello, Ramar,” said Apollo in a voice resonant with divine echoes and redolent with paternal love. “I know you’re doing well. What would you ask of me today?”

     “I miss my twin sister. Can you tell me where she is?”

     Apollo’s shimmering face was agleam with surprise. “And how did you learn that you have a twin sister?”

“Sometimes I see her in the Sun, or feel her. Then yesterday I sat here and dreamed into the Sun, and I remembered that once I met her there. We loved each other so much that we just kind of blended together and became one thing, one person ~ and that was the Sun. But we had to break apart and become ourselves again.”

     Apollo took Gavin’s hand, looked into his eyes, and said: “Huzzah, my son, you’ve done well! I thought that some years must elapse before you would discover your twinsoul. For she it is whom you must espouse to save the Earth and turn the Aeon.”

     “I thought it’s against the Dharma to marry your sister.”

     “That’s correct, if you and she are born in the flesh of the same parents. I in my body and your mother in hers made between us a soul-egg, an embryo, which grew in her womb and became you, born from her flesh as a baby. But in the same act of love, I as the Sun and your mother as the Moon made a heavenly embryo in the womb of the sky, an egg that held not one soul but two. She who shared that womb with you is your heavenly sister, and the Dharma allows her to become your dearly beloved wife on Earth. In fact the Dharma demands it, or all will be lost.”

     “Wow!” said Gavin, “so I gotta find her. Now can you tell me where she is?”

     “Not yet, but that’s not as important as what’s happening to her. She may be in trouble.”

     “Oh no! Can we help her?”

     “Maybe, but probably not till later. And when the time comes, you’ll have to be the one to do it.” “Awright! I’ll save her! I just wish I could do it now.”

     “First, my fine young knight, you’ll need to learn lots more about her, and about how you and she came to be.”

     “O-o-ohhh!” Gavin reflected a moment, then said: “Okay, that makes sense. I already know a little bit. Uncle Ted and Uncle Albrecht both saw the two of us in the egg in the sky, right at the end of the big eclipse. I guess that’s when you an’ Mom made love and made us, right?”

     Apollo laughed. “I see you’re ahead of the game, as usual. Later I’d like to hear how much you know about making love, but now we must press ahead. Yes, you and your twin sister were conceived in the 1999 eclipse. The celestial embryo formed instantly, even while the Sun and Moon were still conjoined in their act of love, and could be seen by mortal eyes with astral vision. This I called the quickening, when new life awakens in a womb. The manchild was quickened at the same moment in the earthly womb of your mother, and there you were, above and below at the same time.”

     “But the girl-soul wasn’t on Earth yet, only in the sky?”

     “That’s right, because her destined physical vehicle was farther along the path of the eclipse, almost at the end, in India.”

     “You mean another man an’ woman were making love there?”

     “Yes ~ just like your mother and me, there was a couple there who knew the magic of making a baby in the shadow of the Moon as she is ravished by her Lord the Sun in an eclipse. So a few hours after you, another magical child was quickened in India, your twinsoul and spiritual sister.”

     Gavin was goggle-eyed. “And was she born when all the planets lined up, like me?”

     “She was indeed.”

     “In India?”

     “No. Her parents lived in the USA, and were back home in May of the Year Zero for the birth of their daughter.”

     “And then what happened?”

     “You and she have been growing up ever since ~ separately on Earth but together in spirit. And that link will draw you both to each other at whatever moment the Dharma may deem.”

     The boy became hushed and thoughtful. “But now,” said Apollo, “I must reascend.” After a loving word and parting hug, he rose into the Sun and was gone.


3. Magic at Montauk

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