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     The end of the world as we knew it began not with a bang but a disturbance in the Force, a Big Lie about a virus rippling through the media-generated Matrix, the mass illusion in which most people think they live. It quickly escalated into unholy racial war against white people on a global front.

     The prospects for white resurgence were daunting before this crisis came upon us, and now our cause confronts so formidable a counter-force that even the strongest hearts are shrouded in doom & gloom. Desperate folk may say in despair that the only hope is divine intervention, but our message to you is: rejoice, it’s already come!

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At the turn of the Third Millennium the almighty power that created and governs the cosmos was born again on the Earth in a form spawned from the white genome, on a mission specifically for the regeneration of the white race. This divine being was called down from above by adepts of white magic leveraging the rarest astronomical events in recorded history: the Indo-European eclipse of August 1999 and the planetary alignment of May 2000 in the sign of Aries.

     The new white Avatar (Son of God) has chosen the name Ramar, and has entrusted us to deliver his message. It begins here: 

White Spirit

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