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     The white race has reached its moment of historical destiny. We are teetering on the brink of extinction, robbed of our homelands, driven into a wilderness of rural enclaves, and branded as the enemy of the multiracial mob which is poised to inherit the Earth.

     This challenge has stimulated more people than ever before to awaken to their white identity ~ but racial self-affirmation is not enough. The survivalist clans now being forged in the bonds of blood will outlast the hapless hordes in the Globomatrix, but the bottom line of biology will not carry them to victory in the struggle. Victory is of the Spirit, the supernal force that created the universe, planted our race in matter at the dawn of time, and drove it relentlessly through the aeons to fulfill a planet-spanning destiny.

     We call it the Geist, the fount of Spirit that flows exclusively to the white race. It’s the vessel of the genome, the essence of our collective identity. Only the White Geist can overcome an adversary equipped with such a formidable arsenal of physical and psychological weapons. The Geist transcends them all, and liberates us from their clutches.

     At the turn of the new millennium the White Geist was reborn on Earth in the sign of Aries, gifted with a mission to regenerate our race and lead us to victory. The epochal event is shown in this video:

                                         White Avatar

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You can read the details and study the charts here:



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