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The Payoff


     Through the ages millions of people have discovered that it’s possible to make a personal connection with Spirit, the very fount of life that created and sustains the cosmos. It’s an inexhaustible Source of vital energy, so when its power flows into human beings it invigorates their bodies and souls, acts as a magnetized attractor of good fortune and unexpected blessings, and enables them to fulfill their deepest longings.

     We know that there’s no conflict between this Source/Spirit and white identity/destiny. We could even tap into it on a collective racial basis, but you can opt personally for the cosmic red pill right now. There’s a time-tested way to call it down from above: you only have to ask and it will be given! But this simple childlike act is very hard for the majority of people because it requires a kind of inner surrender, a willingness to suspend your disbelief and to humble yourself before a Higher Power. The people who find it easiest to connect with the Source are those who need help with a problem or affliction. But you don’t have to be at the end of your rope; life is a challenge for everyone, and for awakened whites more than most. Besides the anti-white social-political fallout, all of us have to contend with the usual hassles and heartaches of everyday living: jobs, bills, shelter, food, friends, enemies, and all the nuts & butts who cross our paths. If nothing on earth can resolve the challenges, then you might as well ask for divine intervention! The form of address doesn’t matter at all, and the more foolish you feel the more potent will be your request. The best way is with an open mind and open heart. If nothing happens you’re no worse off, but if it does ~ wow, your life will change!

     All religions have their own variation of this act of faith, but it’s so foundational to human life that it goes beyond creeds and belief-systems, it transcends all confines and categories. Here, for example, is a perfect expression of it from pop culture ~ just take it a little more broadly than it was intended, with the plea not to a lover or friend but to a Higher Power:

     And here are some posts with more details on the payoff. The first calls it a dharma, the most ancient Aryan term for the spiritual path:

RamaDharma One

     It fills in the background and dips into the depths in plain discursive language. The next offering is just as informative but more personal, in fact effervescent:

OMG It’s the White Spirit!

     And finally, the heartfelt account of a man who desperately called out for deliverance and was gifted with a full-blown miracle:

White Spirit Speaks

WS Speaks Feature.jpg
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