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White Spirit


The Payoff

     Hope of a white future can sustain the heart through many trials, but the payoff is for you to connect with the White Spirit right now IRL. At the link above we called for a cathartic infusion of the divine into the racial soul ~ and it can start with a flash of white light into your own soul!

     Through the ages millions of people have discovered that it’s possible to make a personal connection with Spirit, the very fount of life that created and sustains the cosmos. It’s an inexhaustible Source of vital energy, so when its power flows into human beings it invigorates their bodies and souls, acts as a magnetized attractor of good fortune and unexpected blessings, and enables them to fulfill their deepest longings.

     We know that there’s no conflict between this Cosmic Source / Divine Spirit and white identity/ destiny. We can even tap into it on a collective racial basis, but if you need a miracle in your own life as it stands, there’s a time-tested way to call it down from above: simply ask and it will be given! The best way to ask for help from on high is with an open mind and open heart. If nothing happens you’re no worse off, but if it does ~ wow, your life will change!

     Here are some posts with more details on how you can get the payoff. The first calls it a dharma, the most ancient Aryan term for the spiritual path:

RamaDharma One


     It fills in the background and dips into the depths in plain discursive language. The next offering is just as informative but more personal, in fact effervescent:

OMG It’s the White Spirit!


     And finally, the heartfelt account of a man who desperately called out for deliverance and was gifted with a full-blown miracle:


White Spirit Speaks