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4. Odyssey 2000: The Real Starchild

     What is the nature of the being born in the planetary alignment of May 2000 (5-2K)?  The reality is foreshadowed in apocalyptic myth, especially the prophecies of Christianity and Hinduism, whose endtime redeemers are so similar that we render them as the same Avatar.  This is documented in other spiels, but not all prophecies date from ancient times.

     Mythology took on new forms in the modern age, like science fiction & fantasy.  The best of such tales spring not merely from the author's imagination, but from the collective unconscious ~ or even from higher numenal sources, just like religious prophecy.

     A movie made in 1968 fictionally predicted a great event one year after the turn of the millennium.  This is close enough to count as a hit, but more important was the nature of the spectacle that unfolded in the closing scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We see a radiant cosmic fetus floating in space toward the Earth, regarding it wistfully with big open blue eyes.  This being was identified as the Starchild, and we know from the novel version that he was coming to transform humanity and save the planet.

     Now consider the similarities to the being conceived in the solar eclipse of 1999.  In both cases the Starchild was the reborn soul of a human entity.  In 2001 it was a humaton astronaut plucked by a higher power from the matrix of mechanoid society ~ and in fact this movie is an artifact of that '60s counterculture which came to a collective realization of the dehumanizing horror of high tech.  The astronaut makes a hero's journey to an alien world, symbolizing the celestial realm.  There he ages and dies, becoming a symbol of the collective soul of humanity, or an Elect portion of it.  He resurrects as the gestating godlike entity called the Starchild.  This is exactly the type of being that was conceived in real life in 1999, gestated for nine months in the metasphere, and was reborn in 5-2K.

     Symbolizing a spiritual being by the astronaut and Starchild in 2001 made it possible for ordinary people to grasp intuitively the meaning of mysteries that are understood consciously only by the Elect.  Now we lift the veil and present the mystery openly for any who have eyes to see.

     The entity that died in the eclipse in the grand cross in August 1999 was the soul of modern humanity, specifically embodied in the soul of the race that gave it birth: the white Zeitgeist that took on the character of Faust half a millennium before.

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