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     Humanity abandoned its Gods in the modern age, and embraced the belief that there is nothing but physical matter and energy in all the cosmos.  It took five hundred years to imprint this notion deeply enough in the collective unconscious to form a barricade against the vast tracts of reality which it excludes.  Generations of children began to be born trapped in the tight little box of three dimensions and blind to the numenal glory of the larger cosmos.

     With the dawning of postmodern times the doors of perception reopened, the barrier was breached, and society was swept up in a flood of otherworldly contact.  Many people experienced it as spiritual communion, and some said that God or the Gods had returned to the world.  But by far the most numerous encounters were those with an overlay of physical form and technology: millions of people saw futuristic flying vessels, and some of them even met the occupants, who were identified as aliens from outer space.

     Perhaps the most astonishing stories of all, however, are of superhuman beings within the ranks of humanity itself.  Though normal in outward appearance, many of these individuals are said to wield godlike powers of psyche and spirit, and their secret sodalities may well be the guiding forces behind world events.  People who suspect their existence usually construe them as either evil conspirators or benevolent bodhisattvas; our thesis is that both camps exist, with a broad spectrum of complexity in between.

     When the barriers that divide the worlds melt away as suddenly as they've done in the present era, the most sensitive souls are in danger of getting lost in the cross-currents.  Many go mad, and a few are frozen forever in the wastes between the realms.   When confronted with demons from hell or monsters from space, which is more terrifying: to think that they're hallucinations and fantasies escaped from the deeps of your own being, or to grasp the shattering fact that they're totally real?

     If the Gods of all the religions likewise are real, and exist as distinct entities in a veritable metasphere, it may shed light on some of the deepest mysteries of human life on Earth, as well as our agelong relationship with these Gods and their darkside counterparts.  It may also answer some of the most perplexing questions about the aliens, and turn up some surprising areas of overlap.  And if even schizophrenic visions and voices are sometimes perceptions of actual beings with a life of their own, it may explain the innumerable similarities they have with experiences attributed to Gods, devils, and extraterrestrials.  Furthermore, the most cogent superpower of the hidden cliques of Homo Superior must surely be an awareness of all these polymorphous life forms, and the ability to communicate with them.

     The writings and artifacts that will appear in this sector of are part of an initiative to forge a whole new relationship between humanity and the suprahuman powers beyond the earth, upon the earth, and under the earth.  Here you'll find our contributions to a new paradigm regarding the nature of these beings, starting with a new name to cut through the confusion and express their essence.  Gods and demons, aliens from space or from parallel worlds, hyperdimensional beings and incarnate superpeople ~ they are all Überterrestrials.

War in Heaven, Hell, and Upon the Earth

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