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The White Racial Struggle Viewed from a Higher Reality

     World history is a chronicle of conflict between peoples and power-blocs for conquest and dominion. As civilization gradually globalized, the countless currents of power wove themselves into a pair of juggernauts which clashed in World War II. We examined the epochal event in light of the leading protagonist, and asked:

     We found that the out-come of the war was predes-tined from the very beginning of the Modern Age, 500 years earlier, as elucidated in


     The turn of the third millennium brought a revival of white nationalism, leading to the rise of the Alt-Right and the coming of Donald Trump. We revealed the underlying pattern of events in The Nth Generation, a work in progress enabling us to predict future developments.

N-Gen Wix.jpg

     2020 was a pivotal year in history, as the biggest power cabals put aside their petty squabbles and collaborated on an epochal ploy in the plot for a one-world government: the Covid pandemic hoax. We covered the event with a series of spiels as the events unfolded in that fateful year, under the heading: Coronapocalypse. We noted that a key aim of the fake plague was to oust President Trump and other right-wing leaders. The success of this objective was the main reason why the “emergency” was ratcheted down to a lower threshold, but the simmering stewpot of viral deception is ready to come off the back burner at any moment.

     The biggest development in the post-Trump era has been a mass resurgence of National Socialism. We evaluate the movement and propose a path to ultimate triumph in The Supernal Reich.

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