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     A plague has been unleashed on the world. Is it by the hand of fate, the wrath of God, or human treachery unmatched in the darkest annals of the past?

     If we look beyond the Matrix-screens of the mainstream media (MSM) we find a consensus of informed opinion that the coronavirus is real but the “pandemic” is a false crisis manufactured by powerful cliques and political players for purposes of their own. The flood of information fueling this conclusion is tempestuous and confusing, filled with conflicting currents that generate tsunamis of outrage which smash harmlessly against the stone walls of official dictum and public policy. Therefore we have undertaken a project to gather and sort the information, and kindle a beacon in a virtual lighthouse overlooking the storm, guiding the imperiled vessels of truth to a safe harbor. If such a port can be found, it may become a fortress from which to launch effective action against the perpetrators of the plague.


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