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Part III: Creation of the Omniverse


1. The Divine Dyad and the Diabolic Duad

Before time began,

there was an infinite Absolute 

beyond thought, form, and causality ~

and of course beyond sex and gender. It

was perfectly whole and seamless until it  ventured into a lesser realm, where it

became polarized into positive &  

negative, yang and yin.

     This dyadic entity was none other than the omnipotent being we call God, who had a desire to create the universe. The prerequisite step was that God’s yang and yin halves split into separate essences which from a human standpoint were male and female ~ God and Goddess. They worked out a division of labor in which the male God was the Supreme Being and the Goddess was his consort, surrendering passionately to his will for all eternity. Their first act of love begat the cosmos, which rapidly expanded through many dimensions and manifold layers of form.

     We picture it all as an Omnicosm, a series of spheres within spheres. The Absolute is called OM, surrounding it as an invisible totality. The two outer spheres are the Supernal Realm, existing before and beyond the created cosmos, which begins at Sphere #5. Creation proceeds inward to the smallest and densest sphere in the center, which is the whole of the physical universe, manifesting locally as Earth.

     God and Goddess were the first inhabitants of the vast world they created, and reigned as deities therein, truly a Divine Dyad. We now characterize them as the White God & Goddess, meaning that they were positive in nature: beatific, compas-sionate, and good. The hue of their splendor was


actually golden, as shown in these images of a Sun God & Sun Goddess.

Sun God- Alpha.jpg

     Their first brood of children were magnificent Über-beings in the Talasphere, construed as angels in Heaven by the religious mythology of many peoples. And just as it’s told in those sources, some of the Talazons (as they were called) rejected the benevolent governance of the Divine Dyad. 

     It was not a sudden revolt nor a war with a dramatic conclusion, but a gradual osmosis away from delight in the heavenly glory toward the heavier pleasures of sensuality and strife. We can imagine this faction of Talazons sinking from the top of the sphere, like eaglets spiraling down from their aerie or fish diving from the surface into the depths of the sea. The process was all very passive and yin; thus the females led the way, enticing their male kindred with the sweet entanglements of lust.

     At last the falling Übers reached the horizon-line dividing the upper hemisphere of the Omnicosm from the lower. When those in the vanguard sank below it, they were shocked to find that they were cut off from the Supernal Glory radiating from the Divine Dyad. They tried to reascend, and a few succeeded, but most were too weighed down by their carnal desire, and continued to sink. The risen beings warned the larger host of the deadly peril; some of them heeded, and a goodly flock flew back to the aerie. The rest were swallowed into the undersphere and became permanent denizens thereof. Their nature was thus transmogrified: they were no longer Über but Unter-creatures, who are called demons and devils in all human creeds and myths, including the true ones.

     The Supernal radiance is Divine Light (called LVX = Lux) and also Divine Love (Caritas) which unites all into the Oneness of God. So the farther the demons fell from it the darker became the gloom around them, and the more hateful their own inner selves. The last shreds of fellow-feeling vanished from their hardening hearts, and each sought to conquer the others, to kill or consume or enslave them. Those who were best at this gruesome task grew larger and more formidable; thus the Untercosm became peopled with gigantic monstrosities leading hideous hordes of voracious warrior-thralls. As they neared the bottom of the pit two factions prevailed, one commanded by a she-demon named Kaligar, and the other by a male called Ahriman.


     The two fiends clashed head-on, scathing each other with weapons that morphed out of their plasmic bodies. Ahriman was equipped with a phallus that could rend a planet asunder, if planets had existed back then. Kaligar seemed to stumble in the fray, and in that vulnerable instant her adversary plunged his sexual weapon deep into her yoni, the first act of rape in all of time. But she sprouted razor-edged teeth in the mouth of her snatch, bit off his shaft, and swallowed it into the abyss of her uterine pit

     Ahriman howled in agony and recoiled back into the front line of his legions. They gathered him up and forced him to face Kaligar again, and in his newly impotent state he had no choice but to surrender. She sat him beside her on a crag which became the dual throne of Hell. She was the all-powerful queen, the Black Goddess, and he her obedient slave-king. There they reign to this day, the dark mirror-images of the White God and Goddess who abide at the heavenly peak of the Talasphere.


To be continued

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