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1. New Millennium, New Aeon

     The end of the world is never final, because somebody always survives.  The cast of characters is ever-changing, but the story remains the same: those who are happy with life as it is, those who think that the pursuit of pleasure, wealth, and status is a virtuous lifestyle, those who rule over the system that's rotting away ~ they will all go up in flames, down the tubes, or out the crack in the cosmic egg.  Meanwhile, the outcasts, mutants, and misfits will all have a fighting chance to inherit the Earth ~ and the Elect among them will be the victors in the battle of Armageddon.

     When the moment arrives for the doomsday scenario, it takes a special kind of intervention to save the world.  Religious prophecy taps into the timeless patterns and heralds the acts of God and the Gods, or their Sons and Avatars.  The believers in each creed, however, take their prophecies so literally that most of them won't recognize the fulfillment when it comes.

     Lots of people were expecting the apocalyptic event to come at the turn of the third millennium, the year 2000 AD.  Evangelical Christians were sure that they'd all be raptured.  New Agers were ready for the Earth to be raised from the third to the fourth density, meaning that the material realm would be wiped out, and only the enlightened Elect would survive on the astral plane.  And meanwhile, jaded atheists could hardly wait for the Y2K computer bug to cause the collapse of high-tech civilization by strictly material means.  None of it happened, but perhaps the end of the world as we knew it came and went beneath the radar of the majority of people.  Perhaps we have entered a New Aeon, a whole new stage of human history.  Perhaps only the Elect are aware of the change, and know what's coming next.

     It so happened that I had the inside scoop ~ which was written not in any scriptures, but in the heavens.  Events on Earth always mirror the neverending dance of the planets in the zodiac;  anyone can read the history of our species in books, but the wise can also read it in the stars ~ even in advance.

     The biggest changes in the human realm are heralded by the rarest planetary configurations.  Not one but two such events happened in sync during the turn of millennium from 1999 to 2000.  First there was a grand cross which began in July '99 and lasted more than a month.  A grand cross is when four planets oppose each other at the compass points of the zodiac; it's the most negative and dangerous pattern, but usually it only lasts a few days.  This one dragged on for so long because of an extremely rare array of two or more planets at each of the four nodes ~ when one moved out of the cross, another took its place.

     You can see what a large dark meaning this carried, but then it got worse: a total eclipse of the Sun occurred within the grand cross a week before it ended, on August 11th.  Though an eclipse is magnificent to look at, it carries a negative astrological charge, especially for the places on the Earth's surface that are crossed by the umbra, the shadow of the Moon as it hides the Sun.  This time the umbra traveled all the way across Europe and India, and through all the countries in between.  In the middle of its course it crossed a faultline in Turkey, and a week later there was a devastating earthquake there, giving evidence of the deadly negative impact.  As a sign of the endtime, this eclipse was a real killer for anyone who knew how to interpret it, and lots of folks on the Internet were predicting an immediate cataclysm or the beginning of the Christian rapture.  They had the basic meaning right, but their ideas of the outcome were short-sighted, dogmatic, or all on the surface.

     My own view was that the apocalyptic shift would occur invisibly in the metasphere, and manifest only later in the physical realm.  I felt that something very large and vital would surely die ~ like the Soul of the World (Anima Mundi) or the human Spirit.  And it was certainly an Indo-European eclipse, traversing the ancient and present homelands of the white race.  So whatever effect it might have on humanity in general, it would sharply impact the white collective soul in particular.  This was my concern.


     But when I cast my charts ahead, I discovered a miracle on the event-horizon of the coming millennium, in the first half of May 2000: a spectacular alignment of all seven of the traditional "planets" of premodern astrology: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Such alignments always herald great changes on Earth: civilizations rise and fall, dynasties begin and end ~ there may even be the Turning of an Aeon.

     In a spiritual sense a solar eclipse is the Sun and Moon making love.  The reason it's negative is that the Moon temporarily gets the upper hand at the moment of orgasm when she blots out the light of her Lord the Sun.  But the Sun quickly blazes forth again, and the Moon disappears in his light.  And the best outcome is when the celestial act of love begets a child.  

     Death is always followed by rebirth; a baby will often be born into a family shortly after a death, or the conception of a child may occur simultaneously with the death of an elder.  So the timing of the two events at the turn of the millennium suggested to me that a similar process was happening on a celestial scale ~ that a spiritual being was conceived in the eclipse of August '99, the regeneration of the one that had died.  And surely it would be reborn in a new, transfigured form in the planetary alignment of May 2000.

     Here was a classic turning-of-the-aeon scenario, a miracle in the making.  But by an ineluctable process, the same event brought an equal or greater prospect for the ultimate blowout: the absolutely final end of the world, doom without deliverence.  What was this cosmic catch-22? 

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