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Realm of the Ram

     You have entered an alternate reality peopled by men and women who are larger than life and gifted with occult powers. Here in this realm a new aeon began at the turn of the millennium with the birth of a White Avatar in the sign of Aries. He has taken the name Ramar, and his legend unfolds in:

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    Ramar was born into a large clan of white separatists living in two intentional communities on the American West Coast. On his fifteenth birthday he proposed to them a daring stratagem to take down the global power grid by means of hacking, sabotage, and other clandestine methods artfully orchestrated all at once. The target date was August 21, 2017, in sync with the total solar eclipse crossing the USA. This would trigger the collapse of technological civilization and enable the creation of a white homeland named Thule. Ramar and his kindred identify themselves as Thuleans, and use this name to refer to all racially conscious white people. The dream is to unite them all and expand their numbers in the apocalyptic conflict that will follow the collapse.

     The adversaries of Thule are commanded by the inter-national cabal of bankers and Zionists, of which the most powerful is Baron Sydney Redshield. His heir apparent is his son Shlomo, and his most influential advisor is his former mistress Lilith. A rising star in this dark firmament is Lilith’s protégé Kalianna, who has psychic and magical powers on a par with those of Ramar. Kalianna hatches a plan to deflect an American missile to strike the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, destroying the Muslim shrines in order to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, and risking World War III in the interim. This plot is also deployed during the eclipse, setting up a direct confrontation between the forces of Ramar and Kalianna, with the fate of the world at stake.


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Pull the Plug Index

     The story continues in Ram Arising, set in 2033. The world has been fractured into a patchwork of militarized urban Green Zones where the power of the old nation-states still prevails. These islands of law and order are encompassed by a sea of chaotic countryside where the rule of force prevails and the bond of blood is once again the ground of political union. Ramar has become a warlord who leads the forces of Thule as they carve out an ever-expanding homeland on three continents.

     In his mundane identity of Gavin Paneskos, Ramar comes to a performance by Kalianna for a stealth operation. He’s accompanied by his kinswoman Aurora, who made brief appearances in Pull the Plug at the ages of three and eleven; now she’s flowered into a Shakti, a practitioner of the art of love. In the audience they encounter Kirk and Jennifer, whom they recognize as potential kindred. During an intermission the four convene in an alcove; Gavin and Aurora use their psychic powers to open an astral portal through which Kirk and Jennifer view the world in its true nature. They see the Macrobot, the giant mechanical golem which invisibly dominates high-tech civilization. Then comes a panoramic look at Thule, where a natural lifestyle has been reestablished and the people work, love, play, and wage war in the hallowed tradition of their white ancestors.

     Romantic encounters take place, Gavin with Jennifer and Aurora with Kirk. Each couple shares a kiss charged with such psychic-tantric energy that it awakens Kirk and Jennifer to their true identity as Thuleans. Kalianna strikes

back with black magic: she conjures the Macrobot onto the stage and tries to steal the souls of Kirk and Jennifer. Gavin and Aurora expand into their Godforms and launch a magical blitzkrieg with a climax that leaves partisans on both sides flabbergasted ~ not to mention readers!

     The backstory to the coming of the Ram is told in two volumes which relate the legend of Marcus Geist. He was the son of a Norwegian-Russian couple who served the Reich and fled before its downfall. He was a prodigy with amazing gifts of body, mind, and spirit. The wunderkind went to India and found a secret ashram of the last Aryan Brahmins, where he was initiated into the tradition unbroken through all the aeons, and cultivated the überpowers transmitted therefrom. Marcus volunteered for Vietnam where he was initiated into mortal combat, became a berserker and a hero, and won the love of an Army nurse by an act of eros on the battlefield beyond the call of duty. The adventure continues in:

     Here in our realm there was a vibrant white side to the ’sixties counterculture, in which Marcus led a racial awakening among people he rescued from the degenerate stewpot of hedonism and Marxist rebellion. In three large, well-armed communes he plotted a revolution against the real “ruling class” whom he called Ophidians: the Jewish bankers, power-brokers, and culture-distorters who had overthrown the White Imperium that prevailed before World War II. The people who populated Marcus’ “colonies” had taken the name Solarians: children of the Sun and heirs of all

branches of the white race. The lifestyle they created revived the best traditions of their forebears with many unique innovations geared to the future; for indeed their aim was to lay the foundation for a new Golden Age.

     A fatal mistake gave the Federal Government a pretext to move against Marcus, and he made his last stand with a corps of valiant comrades in a well-fortified outpost in Washington State in December 1984. After a weeklong siege the Feds firebombed the building. Marcus was the last man standing, spraying agents with machine-gun fire from atop a roof before the flames reached the ammo cache and it exploded. This event parallels the drama of Robert Jay Mathews in the consensus reality, but the outcome on our side of the warp had a dramatic upshift.

     The Solarians preserved the legacy of Marcus, and though their numbers were reduced the largest colony survived and flourished. And it was a daughter of Marcus named Diana who gave birth to Gavin 2000, which was henceforth marked by the kindred as Year Zero, the beginning of the New Aeon. So it was that Marcus, the grandfather of Gavin, became the Forefather of the new white nation and all the inhabitants thereof.

     The story of The Forefather is told as a Chronology, a format that condenses a long span of time and many events into a brief account. A crucial episode, however, is fleshed out in a novelette titled Conjunction with Venus. Among the first people to join the Solarians in 1964 was a beautiful young woman named Avice. Like his successors in the novels described above, Marcus had the magical power to assume the Godform of various deities. He discovered that Avice had an affinity for the Goddess Venus, so he assumed the Godform of Mars and made love with her; but in the act she was overshadowed by Kali, forcing him to wage Eroskrieg against the Dark Goddess. This was the first encounter of our heroes with Kali, and the conflict continues in the rest of the magnum opus, all the way through Gavin’s climactic battle with Kalianna in Ram Arising in 2033. And there’s more to come in future volumes!

Meanwhile, here’s a wormhole into some interconnected alt-realities:


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