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A Godseye View of History

     As everyone outside the mainstream knows, there’s lots more to reality than what you’re taught in school, especially so-called higher education. There are deliberate conspiracies to prevent certain kinds of knowledge from trickling down to the masses or seeping into the mainstream. The biggest conspiracy of all, though, is the modern worldview of scientistic materialism, in which the most highly educated pillars of society unwittingly uphold a model of the world that’s missing most of its marbles. Fortunately the modern age finally came to an end after five hundred years, at least unofficially, with the dawning of the postmodern interregnum. This means that there are now legions of people outside the mainstream, inhabiting a virtual multiverse of alternate realities, most of them more expansive than the boxed-in iron-gated high-rent zones of the old modern mainstream. Most of the alt-cultures, however, are piecemeal mock-ups, often hobbled together from memes and tweets and forum chatter. Therefore I feel that I have something unique to offer, namely a comprehensive view of the whole ball o’ beeswax: where we came from, where we’re at now, and where we’re going. Naturally you may ask how anyone could possibly know such things, and the answer is given in the subtitle. If your next question is: “God? WTF?”, that too is answered in Part I.


Part I: Cosmogenesis


How It All Began

Part II: The Divine Dyad


If God is the One, the All, and the Only, whence came Number Two?

And is the Deuce a diabolical fiend, or the heavenly lover of God?

Part III: Creation of the Omniverse


The first act of love of the Divine Dyad begat the cosmos and spawned a race of radiant spirits. Some of them descended into darker realms…


Part IV: The Fall Through the Yugas


Finally we come to the history of the material realm, focusing on a certain small planet we all hold dear, and the race which holds the key to its destiny.

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