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War in Heaven, Hell,
and Upon the Earth


     Everyone can see the apocalyptic overcast of the conflict now roiling the world. Everyone can hear the rumbling of primordial forces ready to erupt from the ground beneath our boots. Millions of once-ordinary people have been forced to grapple head-on with the iron-fisted might of a proto-global police state, and everyone else knows that it’s coming for them sooner or later. But only a few can see and hear and comprehend the dimensions of existence where this war is really being waged. These are the Elect who cast their gaze upon the quantum field of Armageddon. If you are not yet of our number, look over this communiqué and open yourself to the words and imagery. You may find them eye-opening, ear-popping, and mind-expanding!

Does this match your vision of an endtime war in heaven?

Christ Revel.jpg

Or how about this?


Who will lead the forces of light against darkness?

Cosmic Christ.jpg

     These images portray different paradigms of reality. Some of them contrast strongly with others, so it’s not surprising that most people get locked into only one of them, with perhaps another as a sidelight. A lot of faithful Christians, for instance, believe that Earth is being visited by aliens from outer space, and find no discord in the standard dualism between the spiritual and physical realms.


But if the commander of a flying saucer, or a whole fleet of them, turned out to be Jesus Christ, the believers would be left in a state of profound reality-shock.

    Such claims have been made, and legions of people were recruited into the Ashtar Command on no better evidence than psychic messages and visions reported by “contactees” of the benevolent invaders. There is genuine evidence, however, for encounters that are not as absurd but just as astonishing.

     The alien abduction phenomenon is surely the best-documented unexplained mystery of postmodern times. Millions of people have poured out their hearts to journalists, psychologists, support groups, and anyone who will listen to their breathless accounts of meetings with remarkable beings. Serious researchers were forced to abandon the “nuts & bolts hypothesis”, realizing that the events transcended the strictly material world. UFO maneuvers that defy the laws of physics are legendary, and abduction lore credits the entities with equivalent metaphysical powers ~ e.g. they can walk through walls, levitate, and cause humans to do likewise. They can manipulate the states of consciousness and the behavior of abductees, sometimes over long periods of time, and even induce them to have out-of-body and mystical experiences.


     The first generation of the UFO era climaxed with Chariots of the Gods: the idea that all the deities of the old religions could be explained "scientifically" as space aliens with such amazing high tech that the primitive Earthlings could only assume they were supernatural. But fifty years later, a more plausible conclusion is that the “ancient astronauts” really were Gods ~ and likewise the current visitors.

     But then what in the name of Heaven are Gods? This very question is a leap into the abyss between the dualized poles of spiritual and physical. The answer, in part, is that Gods are beings who can navigate not only the poles but the many layers of reality between them ~ from the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell, and of course that dense little realm in the middle.

Hindu Universe.jpg
Dante Cosmos.jpg

     The multi-dimensional nature of the cosmos has been known by human sages since the species appeared on Earth. The multiverse, or omniverse, has been charted in many cultures. Some of the models are more comprehensive than others, and the best are complete from top to bottom, inside and out.

     Here’s our own model, which integrates the most accurate features of the traditional versions. We call it the Omnicosm, and we’ll explain it further along.

Omnicosm- You are here.jpg

     Meanwhile, we’ll mention that the Gods of the great religions (including those pictured above) have their habitations therein, along with the reputed extraterrestrials. In fact there’s so much overlap between the two types that we found it convenient to merge them into a new conceptual term: they are all



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