White Spirit  

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

     To be white is to cherish your blood and know your identity with those who share it. “Identity” means oneness: you are one with yourself as an individual and one with your kindred as a group. This racial identity, distinct from all other human groupings, manifests spiritually as the white collective soul.

     Beyond soul is Spirit, an exalted realm in which all are one. Individuals who attain a certain degree of spiritual enlightenment (though not the highest) realize their oneness with all sentient beings.

     Is there a discord between the racial soul and the Divine Spirit? There is a lot of confusion on the issue, which leads white liberals to cast off their souls and many white racialists to deny the Spirit. It generates endless diatribes about love vs. hate and other false dichotomies.

     The experience of divine oneness fills a person with compassionate benevolence for creation and all the inhabitants thereof. This is called Caritas, the highest form of love.

     People united by the bond of blood share the love of family amongst their kith and kin. This is called Philia, the deepest form of love. These poles of love are properly complements: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity.

     What will it take to reverse the sinking fortunes of the white race at this perilous moment of history? Nothing less than a cathartic infusion of Divine Spirit into the racial soul. It’s already happened to some of us, and we’ve launched a Magnum Opus (Great Work) aimed at magnifying the illumination a millionfold. We invite you to peruse these writings, images, and videos and see if they kindle any sparks!

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