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3. The Avatar Working

     Between the eclipse and the conjunction, I wrote and circulated an essay titled The Avatar Working. It detailed the hypothesis of the conception and birth of a divine child in the nexus of these celestial events, and focused on my hope that the baby would be an Avatar, a new Son of God. Such a being could embody the white collective soul in a way that transcended the past and bring a sublime redemption for the entire race, or at least for those who accepted this blessing.

     I also pointed out a partial similarity between the 5-2K (May 2000) horoscope and the birth chart of Adolf Hitler ~ he had several planets in close array, most of them in what would be Taurus in the Tropical Zodiac, but would shift to Aries in the Sidereal view. Therefore an Avatar with the 5-2K alignment upshifted from earth to sky, from Taurus to Aries, would have the power to atone the karma inflicted on the white race by the dark legacy of the Third Reich and its crushing defeat in World War II.

     The Avatar Working was a concerted act of magic to assure a successful birth for the divine child, and to reinforce the Sidereal Zodiac in the collective mind so that all would be fully conscious of the astronomical fact that the birth would take place in the sign of Aries. To these ends, I composed an adjuration, a magical mantra to crystalize the understanding of the people involved and to bring it into accord with the divine will. I also created a magical image consisting of a sigil set in a larger configuration of symbols; the entire hieroglyph can be construed as a flag for Thule, the spiritual homeland of the white race.

     Here, then, is the flag mounted above the Avatar Adjuration, which was performed many times by many people during the nine months of the gestation of the divine child between the eclipse and the planetary alignment:

O Mother Night ~ the Nil, the Null, the Nihil, the Nought: give birth to a being, a Light-Bringer. Send us the one from the Sun who can turn the world on the shaft of his axis, and transmute the Iron Age into Gold. Let him be born with six stars in Aries, and seven sisters kissing Mars. We, the children of Thule, adjure him: come, White Avatar! Come and walk among us as a man!


Helios, Selena! Send us your son ~ he who can turn the world on the shaft of his axis. . .

[thence repeat the rest of the adjuration, above.]


Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn! O ye planets, assist in the birth of the Light-Bringer! Send us the one from the Sun. . .

[thence repeat]


Aries, Pleiades, Polaris, Alpha Ceti! O ye stars, assist in the birth of the Light-Bringer! Send us the one from the Sun. . .

[thence repeat]

[The alternative names of the planets can also be used:]


Solarius, Luna, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Zeus, Chronos! Send him to us!

Come, White Avatar!

     The large central element in the flag is the Sigil or Signet of Thule; it's also called a Solune. It represents the Sun and Moon in the eclipse of August 11, 1999, with the black disk of the Moon miraculously irising open to reveal the light of the Sun. The dark areas of the shape thus formed are a double Tai Chi or yin-yang, which is a quadrated version of the eternal flux of polar opposites. The light areas are a fluid, organic, clockwise swastika, signifying the life-giving power of the Sun, and representing a reversal of direction from the destruction of the Third Reich, with its rigid, rectangular, counterclockwise swastika.

     The Sigil is set within a stylized depiction of the planets and stars as they appeared during the planetary alignment of May 3 & 4, 2000. The five-pointed stars represent the planets, and the "starburst" shapes are stars per se. The compass-like star at the top is Polaris, the North Star; the three stars on the upper right are the constellation Aries; the large planet on the right is Venus, rendered in yellow/gold, just as she appears in the sky at dawn and twilight. The smaller planet at the lower right is Mercury. To the immediate left of the Solune are the planets Jupiter above and Saturn below. These six celestial entities ~ the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn ~ are the "six stars in Aries" mentioned poetically in the adjuration; i.e., they were in the sign of Aries during the alignment.

     The group of nine stars on the upper left is the Pleiades; the mythological "seven sisters" are those closest to the Solune, and to Mars, the red planet on the far left. Finally, the small red star at the bottom is Alpha Ceti, which was on the meridian formed by Polaris and the Sun/Moon during the alignment. Alpha Ceti is the tail of the whale (the constellation Cetus), symbolizing the plunge into the collective unconscious, and hence uniting the higher and lower worlds.

     The Avatar was adjured to "come and walk among us as a man" not only because he is an incarnation of Godhead, but because he is male. The premise is that the doom or deliverance of the white (and human) race hinges on whether the Avatar manifests under the false old regime represented by the Tropical Zodiac, which put the alignment in Taurus, or the new, true dispensation which recognizes that it was in Aries.

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