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by The Kin of Aries

     Instant Recap: Chapters 1 through 3 (click on the title link above) were written from April to June 2020. They revealed that the corona “pandemic” is a false crisis manufactured by shadowy elites as a tool for totalitarian control. The lockdowns, and all the dystopian protocols they enforce, actually help to spread the virus, increase the contagion, make people sicker, and raise the real body count. Constitutional guarantees of personal freedom have been overridden in the name of a permanent medical emergency. Financial markets were deliberately devastated by the hoax, then pumped up by the whirring paper money printers. Rioters were unleashed under the banner of “Black Lives Matter” as a two-edged ploy to destroy lower-tier businesses and to target the white race as a special enemy of the dawning grim world order.

4. Global Cleansing


     When we left off six months ago, the direst threat was that the prophecy of the “Mark of the Beast” was getting fulfilled by electronic contact-tracing of all citizens, so that they could be confined at the will of the government and disposed of at its leisure. Now the endgame has darkened into nightmare, as the Globomeisters roll out a magical mystery cure for the plague they concocted themselves.

     With the masked millions scurrying about like muzzled rats in a maze, the word from on high is that a vaccine will set them free. And halleluyah, it’s a new, improved vaccine! Unlike the old-fashioned kind, it does not contain a single strand of the nasty virus itself, but re-engineers your own cells to defend you from it. Specifically, the vax injects some fresh messenger RNA (mRNA) into your bloodstream, overriding the messages from the stuff that’s already there, and pumping out legions of frankencells.

     There has been some critical resistance to the first vaccine, hinging on fears that it was pushed through the research & approval process too quickly to assure its effectiveness and safety. But this begs the big question: if the pandemic itself was engineered to inflict harm on the populace, then what might be the true purpose of this vaccine? Perhaps the real danger is that it will be perfectly effective and do its job with deadly precision.

C-Snow White.png

     In seeking an answer to this loaded question, let’s consult first with Mike Adams, a knowledgeable pundit who speaks incisively on a number of rightwing forums. Here’s a spiel in which he presents the furthest extreme on the spectrum of possible answers:


Covid-19 is an Extermination Plan for Humanity


     You’ll see that he agrees with many of our key points:

     The weaponized lockdowns enabled the globalists to achieve three key goals that are the necessary precursors to [their ultimate aim]:

     (1) Crushing the world economy, leading to total dependence on government.

     (2) Rolling out Orwellian medical fascism laws & edicts that set the precedent for mass arrests and forced relocation into “quarantine camps” for those who resist. These camps, of course, will actually be death camps and processing facilities for eliminating human beings.

     (3) Forcing compliance with vaccine mandates which will be used to achieve global infertility.

     We break the quote with a double-take: OMG ~ global infertility!? Yes indeed, and many other researchers and whistle-blowers have warned that the new line of mRNA vaccines will sterilize the injectees. No more worries about birth control, folks! You may now lust freely after the pleasures of the flesh ~ well, as long as you follow the lockdown rules.

     The backstory on this bullet-point of the plandemic agenda is that mass depopulation has long been an aim of the globalists. In the 1970s it was purveyed as an idyllic vision of Ecotopia: cities and pollution would be eliminated, forests restored, traditional lifestyles reborn, and the


whole human species would consist of a mere half-billion hardy people living in harmony with Mother Earth ~ or Gaia, as they rebranded her.

     And how was this miracle of planetary transformation to be accomplished? Why, simply by following enlightened policies of sustainable development and birth control. Millions of liberal ex-hippies believed it,


and in 1992 the fairy tale was formalized at an event called the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The leaders of 200 countries signed a United Nations protocol titled Agenda 21. Among its many provisions was the goal of reducing world population to 500 million people by the year designated in the number. It has now arrived and the world still swarms with humans ~ so obviously it would take draconian measures to dispose of the excess 7 billion and meet the goal!

     Mike Adams thinks that the Covid-19 virus was deliberately manufactured to be extremely viral, with a high transmission rate. This is slightly at variance with our narrative in chapter 2, stating that Covid is simply another strain of influenza, and quoting an expert immunologist who explains herd immunity: all flu viruses have high transmission rates, and the annual flu season ends when upwards of 80% of the populace is infected, and therefore immune. The false narrative of the Covid hoax is that there’s any danger in this normal cycle, and in not distinguishing between infections and “cases”, i.e. people actually getting sick.


     It’s much easier to manufacture a vaccine than a virus, so the vax is more likely to be the instrument of “bioweapons”, as Mike calls the mRNA cocktails, and his scoop here is worthy of note. He says that the first round of vaccines are engineered “to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a ‘cytokine storm,’ which is a hyper-inflammation event that leads to rapid death. Thus, people won’t be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups).”

     If this is accurate, it means that at the very least the coronavirus vaccine is a global depopulation bio-weapon, as Mike titled it in a later article. But in this one, his premise is an extermination plan, which means nothing less than deliberately causing the extinction of the human species! As bizarre as this notion may sound, it arose in a political context in the UK shortly before the onset of the coronapocalypse. Extinction Rebellion was a radical ecology group advocating the collapse of civilization, with an extremist wing that wanted to proactively bring it about. Their aim was to avert extinction, and believed that humanity would undergo a “rewilding” process, enabling us to survive the collapse.

     This movement arose out of Marxist academia, where the most far-fetched foofarrah continuously fractalizes leftward. So it was that a treacly tranny professor named Patricia MacCormack carried the ball over the deep end, and with perverse “joyful optimism” asserted in The Ahuman Manifesto that humanity should commit self-genocide for the sake of the other species. She/he/it criticized Extinction Rebellion for being selfish pro-humanists unwilling to leap into the dustbin of history.

     Mike Adams, of course, is not subject to such metapolitical masochism, but he seems to plunge toward the deep right end of the precipice when he tells us that our extinction is being plotted by superhuman entities from beyond the Earth. We cautiously suspend our disbelief, and note that many astute conspiratologists posit sinister occult forces behind the earthly cabals. So what’s the agenda of Mike’s cosmic Übermenschen? Ironically, it’s very close to that of Patricia MacCormack: to save the planet! I.e., to cleanse the Earth of humans before humans destroy the biosphere and make the world unfit for habitation by any life at all. Mike concludes: “From the point of view of non-humans, humans have become a cancer to Earth, and healing the Earth will require removing that cancer”.

     The deeper we plunge into this ideological abyss, the louder becomes the resonance from the denizens that have been lurking in it for decades. Here’s an underground comic from the late 1960s, when the ecology kraken began laying the eggs which are now hatching its monstrous brood.

Burgie Patrol-1.jpg
Burgie Patrol-2.jpg
Burgie Patrol-3.jpg

     So there you have it: the Earth cleansed of burgie (pollution) and the human “fungus” that caused it, and restored to a state of sparkling, sterile purity!

     Our own worldview affirms that the apocalyptic war is fought in Heaven as well as on Erath ~ i.e., in all the metaphysical layers of reality that encompass the material world. That’s where the forces of darkness and light are locked in neverending conflict, and the fate of all souls is determined by the victories, defeats, and stratagems of both sides. Our planet has now been swept up in the cosmic tide. The Burgie Patrol has not arrived yet, but the situation is ominous. In the next chapter we’ll present our Überterrestrial overview.

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