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     Instant recap, general: The Fourth Turning is the climax of a historical cycle lasting eighty to a hundred years, a concept taken from a book of that title published in 1997.

     Chapter 7: The white right convulsed in horror as the door slammed shut on the last hope of a political solution to the racial problem. By an infrangible law of history, men took matters into their own hands, starting with an armed assault by a “lone wolf” on a group construed as the enemy.

8. Overlords and Underlings


     Brenton Tarrant’s call to arms has so far been heeded by one “copycat”: John Earnest, who is younger and seems more sophisticated culturally, but was much less skilled martially and tactically. His manifesto is of higher literary quality than Tarrant’s, though it’s relative strategic value remains to be seen in the aftermath. His youthful idealism shines through it, and for better or worse he addressed the ‘JQ’ (Jewish question), just as he did in his act itself, attacking a synagogue on Passover.

     The first partisan action (as it’s been dubbed by sympathizers) came in March and the second in April. Thus the passage of the calendar month of May with no new attacks gives an impression that the momentum is waning or that partisanship is slacking off. Of course some powder-kegs may need to simmer a bit longer than others, and more pages must fall from the calendar before the pattern is clear.

     Earnest’s action definitely had the effect of accelerating the shutdown of racially-fueled rightwing content on the internet ~ exactly as Tarrant wished, in the hope that it will trigger more violent backlash. If any Jewish masterminds were inclined to resist playing into this tactic, Earnest effectively forced their hand ~ widespread Jewish hysteria over the attack compelled the overlords of Facebook and Google to ratchet up their blockade, banning blogs and skewing search results. In short, they had to capture the pawn, even knowing that it’s a set-up for a larger counter-play by their opponent. So Earnest gets an ‘A’ on this point, whether or not he was as consciously aware of the game plan as his role model.


     A sizeable underbelly of the white right has shifted into partisan mode, hero-worshiping Tarrant and talking up more attacks in the remaining online channels left open to them. The tighter these channels get squeezed by the media lords, the more they squirt out into clandestine meet-ups IRL. Tarrant would rejoice if he knew.

     The idiosyncracies of individual conduct are always impossible to predict, but the saecular cycle will enable us to cast the pragmatic equivalent of an astrological chart by which we can foresee the likelihood of partisan action on the larger scale. We could symbolize this as the planet Mars and plot its trajectory on the chart. Thus when a band of simmering hotheads find themselves in a political situation that matches Scorpio or Aries, the stars will prevail over the human underlings and the pot will boil over.  (“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” ~ Shakespeare, Julius Caesar)

     Before we can make such predictions we also have to chart the other “planets”, i.e. the rest of the white right, not to mention the legions of the larger far right, even the die-hard Trumpers, and plot what will tend to happen when they pass through saecular nodes corresponding to the “signs” and “houses”. To grasp this metaphor, you only have to believe in history, not astrology.

     Some pundits are busily revising the history of the Alt-Right from a cuckservative POV. The muddiest innuendo is that the core element of the movement from the start was something other than affirmation of white identity. This spurious analysis pins the blame for Charlottesville and the subsequent meltdown on white nationalism in the ranks, and conveniently deletes the JQ. The proponents of this stance would like to retreat to a niche in the “responsible political spectrum”, as one of them phrased it, and “await the next big surfable wave”. Such a cowardly position almost deserves the epithet “race traitor”; it presents the sad spectacle of awakened whites trying to put themselves back to sleep. Surely the only wave they could surf would be the zombie apocalypse.

     Countering this defection, the ranks of the white right continue to swell, evidenced by the endless stream of interaction on social media despite the restrictions, and the proliferation of pro-white blogs. So here’s the hard core of racial affirmation alive and well, but beyond this essence the most distinctive common element is that there isn’t any. There is a cacophony of voices fractalizing in all directions, sounding all themes from doom & gloom to guts & glory. It may be a new gestation period, like the incubation of the Alt-Right on obscure forums from 2011 to ’15; but we don’t yet know whether there’s a rough beast slouching its way to the next saeculum to be born, or whe-ther there’s hope of something holier and nobler, like a new divine child or an avenging Avatar.


9. White Extinction Rebellion

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