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White Extinction Rebellion

Instant recap: The lone-wolf attacks by Brenton Tarrant and John Earnest polarized the white right into extreme factions that applauded the carnage or ducked for cover. In between lay a vast tangle of viewpoints with no common aim nor coherent direction.

9. White Extinction Rebellion

Politically-motivated shootings and similar violent actions upticked after I blogged chapter 8 in July of last year, featuring a wider variety of protagonists. One of them was from the opposite camp, a Marxist antifa who admired the leading liberal democrats; his rampage was predictably played down and distorted by the media since it didn’t match their narrative of white racial terrorism. A couple of players debased the quality of the action enough to be legitimately classed as nut-killers by any standard. Others hit a higher level in the new reality-game, though none so far have matched the performance of the man who launched it.

The whole phenomenon, however, has now become “normalized”, just as school shootings did after Columbine twenty years ago and Muslim terrorist attacks after “Charlie Hebdo” in 2015. It’s now taken for granted that “neonazis" will shoot up some public target on a recurring basis in the USA, and that Jihadis will bomb a subway or bridge or church in Europe. Outrage ignites and peters out within twenty-four hours, as the apoplectic public mind turns back to the media, eagerly awaiting the next jolt of adrenalin. The consequence is that such actions by both sides no longer have the power to make a serious impact.

The white right, meanwhile, became such a wasteland that an American vlogger with a titillating act made a big splash just by mocking the leader of the Republican youth wing and sending trolls to ask embarrassing race-laced questions at public meetings. This stratagem made Nick Fuentes popular enough for many hopeful souls to heil him as a leader, but his choice for “optics” over substance quickly popped this bubble, as he publicly denied any racial aims and even his own white identity.

During the same period of time, the left end of the spectrum was galvanized and unified by the likes of Greta Thunberg, a malnourished teenage gnome who played on the harpstrings of liberals’ belief in global warming. This myth was cleverly concocted by George Soros and his pseudo-scientific minions to leverage a globalist world government with himself or a chosen heir as planetary czar. Greta’s soy-snarfing Marxist parents were overjoyed to mortgage her to Soros for windfall kickbacks and a top tier in the leftist pecking order.

While Greta’s gazillions were happily marching in the streets and waving placards, a more militant branch of the same root sprouted in England. It took the dramatic name Extinction Rebellion (XR), and adopted the provocative tactics of blockading bridges & public thoroughfares and occupying prominent centers of government & commerce. It was the darling brainchild of a large sector of academia, which itself has been accused of being occupied by a certain tribe at the forefront of such causes. But radical movements can take on a life of their own, and, like the brainchild of Victor Frankenstein or a genie uncorked from a bottle, can escape from their creators’ control into paths beyond their wildest dreams, or nightmares.

Early this year an XR leader named Simon Bramwell addressed an affiliate group called “By Any Means Necessary?”, a slogan used by the violent revolutionaries of the 1960s. It was softened in this case by adding the question mark, but Bramwell cast off the ambiguity. He spoke of the possible collapse of civilization, and said that “because we have become so separated from nature” it’s “our duty” to do the job ourselves: to “take down civilisation”. He said that this would “release the pent-up animal in us” resulting in “utter savagery”; so we have to prepare for this “state of wilding” by cultivating “a feral consciousness”. He noted that such gruesome prospects make it impossible to ever sway public opinion in favor of it, so it would be necessary to “go beyond civil disobedience” into “direct sabotage of civilisation".

As if this wasn’t sufficiently beyond the fringe of acceptable liberal discourse, Bramwell fleshed it out with still more inflammatory remarks: Extinction Rebellion is the spirit of our age… It is white-supremacist, it is racist… It is also deeply deeply patriarchal.” He added that Roger Hallam, one of the XR founders, “completely and utterly exemplifies that patriarchy”.

Simon Bramwell may have been booted out of his movement by now on charges of defecting to the enemy, but in fact his comments prove the old maxim that even when they seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, extremists have more in common with other extremists than with the long flat band of normies in the middle. And even if those in the opposite camp really are our blood enemies, it won’t hurt to adopt any of their tactics that will serve our cause ~ just as Hitler did with his fellow revolutionist Vladimir Lenin. Further, it will give us a chance to prove that high-calibre self-disciplined proud white patriarchs can do a better job of it than scraggly leftist soyboys and their gender-bent comrades.

Roger Hallam himself has asserted that if XR’s disruptive tactics fail to intimidate the government into implementing its agenda, the next step is to topple the government. If such a drastic action were possible, could it benefit the white racial cause? The consensus of opinion in the old white right was that it certainly could, and some of the leaders said that it should be done, by any means necessary. William Pierce laid out a stratagem for it in The Turner Diaries, and a lot of bold men died or went to prison trying to implement it IRL, notably Bob Mathews and his Bruder Schweigen, and the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing. This outcome highlights the self-defeating foolishness of such tactics; the only point is the resonance with the XR drama currently unfolding.

It quickly hits a sour note, however, with Hallam’s notion of replacing the toppled government with a “Citizens’ Assembly” of randomly selected people. Thus we see that XR suffers from the flatulent fantasies of equality embedded in the Marxist left. Though the absurdity of this proposal is painfully obvious to us, it has made an impact on the seats of power in Europe. Emmanuel Macron, the gender-bent soyboy who is President of France (probably hand-picked by Soros), has promised to set up just such an assembly, not to replace his occupied government, but to set the policy for cutting carbon emissions. Of course France has a history of such experiments, like the Paris Commune which I mentioned in chapter 5; and of course the Republic itself was born in the French Revolution, with its battle cry of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, crafted by the Illuminist precursors of Marx.

XR puts plenty of boots on the ground in its protest actions, but it’s obvious that threats of toppling the government are merely blather ~ rhetoric spouted for its emotional impact on the impressionable minds of the public, the government, and the XR rank & file. The first pragmatic question would be: which government would you like to topple? Even if the UK or France or both fell into the hands of its rabble and were swept into anarchy (the only possible outcome of rule by “citizen’s assembly”), it would make hardly a dent on global carbon generation as the rest of the world chugged along on its fossil fuels. The only effective way to accomplish the aim would be to literally take down civilization as Simon Bramwell said ~ to somehow cause the collapse of the techno-industrial complex on a world scale.

Millions of people are actively preparing for just such an apocalyptic scenario, some of them very enthusiastically, like the “boogaloo” movement. They know that when and if it happens there’ll be no room for “citizen’s assemblies” but only for those who have stockpiled enough guns & butter and cultivated the “feral consciousness” needed to deal with “utter savagery”. And if enough of these self-selected survivalists are awakened whites, then a paradigm-shift will be upon us, pregnant with the prospect of racial redemption.

So we approach XR’s ultimate aim of toppling civilization with a different motive: not to head off a mythic climate meltdown, but to save the white race from extinction. A White Extinction Rebellion would have to transcend the leftoid hype and use methods that really work in order to accomplish the goal IRL.

It’s not as far-fetched as you may think, given the principle that the more complex the machine, the more easily it breaks down. If your car broke down in the 1950s you could fix it yourself with a few basic tools and cheap replacement parts, and if you treated the vehicle with respect it would run like a top for decades. Today your overpriced computer on wheels will hit a glitch at frequent intervals, and you have to hand it over to a well-paid autogeek for the extremely expensive fix. It’s the exact same case with the world technostructure, except that if the whole thing broke down ~ the global Matrix ~ God himself could not reload it. Or perhaps he wouldn’t want to.

How, then, could an act of such complex magnitude ever be carried out? Think in terms of a simple metaphor, which I’ll explain in the next chapter:

10. Pull the Plug

Coming soon!

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