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Thule: An Alt-Reality


3. The Alpha and Omega of Love

     In Thule men are warriors and leaders, while women are wives, mothers, and lovers.  This is because they are primal people living in a state of nature ~ and in all such human groupings since the species began, the sexes are polarized: the men are yang and the women are yin.  This is in stark contrast to the vast sliding scale of ambisexual people between the poles of yang and yin in the postmodern world.

     Thule is different from all other primal societies because the people are also endowed with the Spirit.  When a Supernal alpha male makes love with a woman, her body erupts in orgasmic passion and the shackles fall from her heart as she melts into the ecstatic Oneness and attains everlasting love ~ erotically with the man and spiritually for all sentient beings.

     The opposite complement and primal peer of the alpha male is the omega female.  This is a woman brimming over with scintillating sexual energy, the marvelous mother-lodestone of yin who draws to herself the yang arrows of everyman's compass.  If such a woman has the ability to combine her orgone with Spirit, she will be a Shakti: a sacred priestess of love.

     The alphas and omegas are a minority in Thule, just as they are amongst other peoples (though never so minuscule a minority as in postmodern times).  This has been a perennial challenge to the human condition, since the majority of men and women would prefer a mate or lover from the ranks of the sexual elect.  The most common solutions have been polygamy and prostitution; but in Thule there is a better way.

     The alpha males do in fact practice polygyny, meaning that each of them mates with a whole harem of women; but those who are God-realized have mastered the passions of the primal state while retaining all of its power and potency.  They have transcended jealousy and the other vices attendant on sexual union, and so they're willing and able to share their harems with other men.  And the alpha males who have not yet attained the Supernal state follow their high example.

     The Dharma (sacred vocation) of most of the women who are mates of an alpha male is to be wives and mothers; they are called hearth-women, with the same dual valence of "heart" as in the English tongue ~ they are nurturers in every sense.  Rather than monopolizing this wealth of love and devotion, like the unenlightened polygamous potentate, the alpha Thulean gives most of his hearth-women in marriage to men who are honorable and deserving, but have less than an alpha quantum of Yang.  Though the women may love and honor their husbands, their primary troth is still to their alpha male.  The pact is that they periodically return to his embrace, and thus to the heights of erotic passion, often when they're fertile.  In this way the top-quality sperm of the alpha males produces an ongoing bumper crop of babies, whom the husbands gladly serve as foster fathers in return for the blessing of wives who would otherwise be above their natural station.  This remarkable social praxis is called alpha polygyny.

     A smaller proportion of the alpha's harem is made up of the Shaktis, the omega females.  They are often the majority in residence, however, for their permanent marriage is to him.  Yet he shares them in a different way with other men, for brief liaisons only, or even for a single night of eros.  This is always very invigorating for the man so honored, filling him with the radiant ecstasy of divine love.  Such men repay the favors in diverse ways: they may serve in the legions of the alpha male, or toil in his vineyards, or render him tribute in some other manner.  Most Shaktis who are not married to alpha males conduct their rites in Goddess temples, where healing miracles are performed for people of both sexes, but especially for men.

     So it is that social forms which in the normal human world are merely carnal and debased, in Thule are redeemed unto the heights of Spirit, and the Dharma (sacred destiny) is fulfilled for everyone.  The Thulean term for Shakti praxis as a whole is omega polyandry.


4. Holy War ~ the Real Thing

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