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Part 3:

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     There was a Void. It was total, empty, and all-extensive. There was no time nor space nor being, nor anything. After an interval of a microsecond or a million years, a spark of light appeared in the darkness. After a long eon, this point shone forth in a focused beam, creating a cone of light, and thereby dimensions. This was the first weft of the Gyre of Light, which from our relative perspective would be perceived as pointing upwards, and shining down from that point. The Gyre, like the sparkling point, was alive, and knew; but it did not know that it knew.
     Still, it knew enough to beam down another weft; and this action spawned a second consciousness, in effect a Second Being, a relative creature made out of the soul-light of the First. Now each of the Two could know the Other, and hence know itself, and know that it knew. And to know, for them, was to love, and so they lived together and endured in perfect harmony for another lengthy eon.
     Then in a great wave of creation, the Two projected many further wefts down from themselves, and ere long a vast and perfect Universe took form. Within the mighty Cone of Light were Aeons, angels, spirits, and all the non-material worlds which were their homes. They came and went and rose and fell and spun around forever in joy and love, for all were in perfect accord and acquiescence with the light and will of the One Creator.
     Verily there came a moment when in the First and Second Beings there simultaneously awakened a memory of a dim existence in another cycle, when the One was Jesus Christ and the Other was Adolf Hitler, and the Two were engaged in a horrendous struggle in relation to a world called Earth. A mere twinkling of an eye had passed, but the entire cosmos was irrevocably changed. The Second began to wonder why he shouldn’t ascend up and be the First. The First radiated the message that it made no difference, for in truth they were One. It failed to appease the Second, for he could not see the fine distinction between "the One" and "the First". Finally he decided that "I’M the One," and moved to ascend to the first position, with the entire creation following in kind behind him, for the rest of the spirits were projections from the Second, and could only act in harmony with their Lord.
     Instead of the expected usurpation, however, with the Second simply replacing the First at the pinpoint pinacle of the Gyre, the action caused a mighty breach in the continuum, which was instantly filled by a new Second radiating out from the First, and a new host of spirits being generated by this new Second. And then conflict and strife and contention broke out in the cosmos for the first time, as the two legions of spirits made war upon each other, led by the two beings whom we know from our local myths as Lucifer and Saint Michael the Archangel.

     And likewise we know the outcome. After a terrible struggle lasting longer than the lifespan of our Universe, Lucifer suffered a blow that would have been mortal, had he not been an immortal spirit. His entire vast host shrivelled up and was sucked back inside of him, and he stood helpless and suspended just below the peak of the Gyre, in the all-seeing gaze of the One whom he had failed to dislodge from his place. And now the One took a terrible vengeance: for a single fraction of a second, he STOPPED THINKING about Lucifer, thus casting him out of the otherwise omniscient awareness and love of the

One. This had the effect of literally casting Lucifer from the heights, and he fell like a stone straight down through the whole length of the central plumb-line of the cone, a distance many times the diameter of the Universe as we presently know it. He plummeted down and down for a long, long time, and this great Fall is memorialized in many myths, including of course the Biblical one, and also the fall of Vulcan to Earth

when he was cast down from Olympus by Zeus, and the fall of Daath in the Tree of Life to become Malkuth.

     The bottom of the cone was the boundary of creation itself, the adamantine wall of the firmament. When the falling angel finally smashed into it, it caused an explosion greater than a million suns going nova all at once. It blew a hole in the wall of space-time, and Lucifer hurtled out into the horrid ultra-emptiness, the boundless Void of nonbeing. The spirits immediately sealed the wall behind him, so that he would be exiled forever beyond the pale, trapped for eternity in the Abyss.
     Then great rejoicing broke out among all the host of spirits, for now the perfection of the universe was restored -- it was once again an immense creation in the shape of an upward-pointing Gyre made of pure white light.
     The spirits thus passed eons in joy and praise of the Creator and their everlasting ecstatic Oneness with him. At length, however, there came a moment when the all-seeing eye of the One at the peak of the cone spied a pinpoint spot of darkness, a mere black mote at the far opposite bottom of the Gyre, exactly where Lucifer, now known as Satan, had last been seen. In less than a heartbeat, the One shrilled a warning down all the length of the cone, and the spirits moved to blot out the spot with light and assure that the wall was sealed.
     It was too late. From out of that tiny point exploded Satan with his hordes of demons, carrying with them the inky darkness of the Void, which as they advanced upwards formed a second Gyre, a night-black downward-pointing cone, whose broadening base steadily ascended and swallowed the light of the original Gyre. The diabolical blitzkrieg was driven by the sheer force of Will, which until then had not existed at all in the creation -- for the Gyre of Light was propelled radiantly downward by Love, and it was the all-encompassing love of the One for his creatures and their reciprocating love for the One, that had hitherto been the sole motivating force of all action that took place in the universe.
     Yet this Will was not self-sufficient, nor was Satan. As he led his legions upward, they devoured the energy and light of the angels whom they defeated in battle, eating their very souls, and this nourished them and enabled them to continue their advance. They knew that if they succeeded in carrying their campaign to the very top of the Gyre of Light, and consumed even the One Himself, that their victory would be pyrrhically short-lived, for when the light was extinguished they, too, must wink out forever. But Satan did not care; if ultimate victory must be denied him, at least he would have the satisfaction of taking his enemy with him into oblivion.
     Sure enough, the horde and their inverted black cone of power fought their way to the pinnacle. At the end there was only a tiny spark of light, as there had been at the beginning, so many long ages agone. With a hideous chortle of demented delight, Satan enveloped it and ate it, and it was gone. Now there was only blackness everywhere, and the devils enjoyed a fleeting microsecond of triumph before their expected vanishing into the Void and the final end of everything.
     But before that microsecond passed, the light burst forth again and pierced the black, reconfiguring the Gyre of Light, pressing downward once again into the darkness. This time, however, the darkness did not yield. The two Gyres did not mutually extinguish one another, but intermeshed and penetrated, from top to bottom. And the area of their overlap precipated something new in the scheme of things, for this interweaving of light and darkness coalesced into hard matter and became the physical universe we know.
     The evolution of the material universe has occurred through the continual interplay of the oppositely polarized forces of the two Gyres -- of love and will, light and darkness, I and Thou, us and them, growth and decay, beneficence and selfishness, joy and suffering, sacrifice and indulgence, good and evil, hero and adversary. And all these essences and entities are likewise manifestations of the two original beings, the lords of the opposing Gyres.
     When human life began on Earth, it set an elaborate stage for a long and remarkable dyadic drama. The first ancestor we recognize in modern myth as being "us" was Cro Magnon, who was thereby an incarnation of the One, the First Being. He waged a thousand-year struggle against a non-human and hence exquisitely Satanic nemesis, Neanderthal, and did not rest until the planet was wiped clean of "them". In Egypt, an early prototype of a Son of God, known locally as Horus, conquered his enemy Set, whom some believe was the original archetype of the Devil. In India the classic primal conflict was a great war fought between two families; it went on for many years, but finally the issue was decided when Krishna, a Hindu Son of God, gave his heavenly fiat to the Pandavas, who then defeated their enemies the Kurus in one of history’s mightiest battles. Likewise in Greece the god Zeus defeated the more primitive and barbaric titan Kronos. Then at last the person of Jesus Christ himself re-emerged from the historical Gyre, and used the power of the white light to defeat the whole of the Roman Empire.
     There followed the events of our own historical cycle, with which we are so familiar. And finally, in the 20th century after the death and resurrection of Christ, his immortal antagonist took on the face and features he had worn in the Norn Castle, and incarnated in Europe as Adolf Hitler. He made the latest and greatest play in his never-ending quest to win the Crown of Creation, or at least the rulership of planet Earth; and again he was defeated.

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