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Exploring the

High Frontier

     A flame has been kindled and the fire is spreading across the world, through North America, Europe and all of Russia, Australia and New Zealand: wherever there is a white population of any significant size, people are waking up to their racial identity and embracing it as a wonderful thing.  Many new voices have arisen that speak with the passion of the white geist, and cyberspace abounds with forums, blogs, and networks that resonate with the new spirit.  Communities are also forming in the real world, and political groupings are rattling the battlements of the world order.  The quality of the people at the heart of this conflagration is higher than in any of the generations since the end of World War II, and the quantity is phenomenal.  It was therefore inevitable that spiritual awakening would begin to leaven the racial, and give birth to a new white enlightenment ~ this time in the true meaning of the word!  Besides the seekers and finders of transcendence, there are also many individuals who have had out of body experiences (OOBE), near-death experiences (NDE), UFO/ET encounters, and other strange adventures of a psychic, mystic, or occult nature.  There’s no doubt that the whiteside of the radical political spectrum now heavily overlaps with the far side of human experience.  And this is what we’ll explore on!

     We honor the Gods of all the white traditions and religions.  Many of their worshippers are no longer white, but we believe that the pure white light of Spirit finds its most perfect expression in people with pure white physical bodies.  New Gods arise by certain arcane processes known to the Elect, and Godlike beings arrive from the deeps of hyperspace.  Some whitesiders honor Hitler as a God or Avatar, while others claim contact with Überterrestrials in the image and likeness of our genotype, the so-called “Nordic aliens”.  But the big news is that the soul of our race itself has undergone a collective rebirth: click on the RamaGenesis link above.




RamaSpirit is the inspiration and guiding power of a group dedicated to the spiritual and physical regeneration of the white race: 

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