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New White Homeland

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by Joseph Rex Kerrick


     This map shows the world and the way it will be when enough of us wokened white upstarts break out of the trap of life as it is and embrace our destiny! There is a Spirit that moves through us all in these dangerous times, a special Zeitgeist that fires the blood and lifts the soul. This White Spirit bears the ancestral remembrance of our homeland, and sparks the will to return to it. Since we can’t travel back to the past, it charts a course that cuts through the gloom and confusion, and carries us into a future where a new homeland awaits. Such is the miracle of this Spirit that as soon as we set off on the path to the homeland we discover that we’re living in it now! So when two or three or a dozen brave souls gather together with this vision, the homeland is right there encompassing us, even if the physical surroundings still reek of the muck and decay of the matrix.

     The map bodies forth a scenario in the near future: civilization has broken down, the enemy’s monopoly on power is gone, and the world is divided between the remnants of the hi-tech matrix in the urban areas and a new white homeland spreading out through the countryside by means of military force and the power of the White Spirit. The same situation prevails on other continents, and we’ll have more maps soon!

     Our clan and thousands of other white people around the world are engaged in the down-to-earth gritwork of preparing for this future. We hope you re too, but meanwhile you can plunge into it right now in the virtual reality of fiction. We call it the Realm of the Ram. The page at that link has the scoop on a series of novels; the second one, Ram Arising, is set in the world described above, and the first one, Pull the Plug, tells how white revolutionaries brought it about with a daring plan and heroic action!

     There are also factual ways to look into the future, like this far-reaching political analysis based on historical cycles: The Nth Generation

     And here’s our friendly critique of the most popular historical figure of the white right:

Wherefore Hitler?

     For the next deeper layer, look into this essay on the most important mythical figure of the second millennium: Faust

     And at the bottom of the rabbit-hole we find this artifact: Machines, Media, Matrix

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