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Legends of the Metasphere

Quality trade paperback, 216 pages.  Available from:


Trafford Publishing  and

     The stories in Legends of the Metasphere are told in the best tradition of modern science fiction, but they cross the line into postmodern myth and miraculous encounters.  The characters are the kind of men and women whom you might meet in real life, but their ventures into the metasphere transform them into heroes and heroines of truly mythic stature.

     The first story in the anthology is The Metamorph, in which dramatic events portray life after death in a manner so believable that even jaded skeptics have been stirred.  Here are some comments by readers:

     "It's the finest and most succinct everlasting love story that I have ever read.  It is also an excellent crash course in religious metaphysics."                                                                                                          ~ Donald Glick, planetary oncologist


     "To Joseph Kerrick, master performer of the world to be!  'Metamorph': what a fantastic concept ~ and so ably achieved. I worried at first after Melissa died whether or not you would be able to 'suspend the disbelief'; but you did."    

                                                                                                                                                              ~ Edwin Massey, poet


     The second story is a retelling of the timeless legend of Parsifal and the Holy Grail.  The author was especially inspired by Richard Wagner's operatic version.  Here are comments from a man named Peter, who went to see the opera for the first time:

     "It's just with extreme luck that I found your Parsifal story on the Internet.  Your portrayal of the events was so moving that I felt compelled to send this email to thank you for your work.  The opera was resplendently magnificent!  But I must admit that I like your story better than Wagner's.  Your elaboration of the seduction scenes in particular are more poetic and beautiful than his."


     The third story is a novella: The Visions of Victor and Beatrice.  In Part I, The Wedding of Star and Shadow, Victor undergoes the ultimate near-death experience.  Though fictional, many aspects of the tale are based on true NDEs; here they expand beyond the sum of their parts unto mythic proportions.  Part II is titled Do Robots Go To Electric Heaven?  This time Victor's lover Beatrice is swept into the metasphere, a harrowing journey in which she discovers the nightmarish reality behind the illusions of life as she had known it.  

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