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The White Frontier

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     Welcome to the staging-ground of a clandestine operation to reclaim the heritage of the white race. On the political front we perform tactical maneuvers at key moments determined by an over-view not of mere hours, days, or weeks but of the vast abysm of time unto...

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On the front lines of the media we present a fictional saga detailing our operation in visionary terms:

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... and videos that expand its magnitude:

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     But the final frontier is where the familiar real world implodes through the looking-glass, gets sucked into a black hole, or disappears down a rabbit-hole, and we discover a new realm behind it, beyond it, or at the bottom of it. You woke to your race and learned that you have an ancestral past, and a present filled with millions of kin. If you take the next step and wake to your Spirit, you’ll enter a land beyond time where our ancestors still live, communing with the White Gods of the Golden Age.

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     Connecting with Spirit is the ultimate red pill, and the most exact parallel with the symbolism in the Matrix films. The normal world there was a cyber-simulation, and physical life was the real world you entered when you took the red pill. But here outside the movies the whole material universe is a simulation on a larger scale, and taking the Spirit-pill delivers you to a vaster sector of reality which generates and controls the mundane realm just like physical programmers create video games, social media platforms, and the whole internet. And once you make the leap you can develop godlike superpowers to wield in the material matrix, just like Neo did on that level of the paradigm. Such things take time and discipline, of course, but the first step is instantaneous. To learn how to do it, start here:


The Payoff

     As you might guess, some of us are already in the hand of the Higher Power that commands the fate of us all. Our inside scoop is that it conjoined with the white collective soul at the turn of the millennium. The outcome was that our racial essence was invested with divinity and reborn in the sign of Aries. So now our high connection is directly with RamaSpirit, a new ÜberLord towering over the Earth with a mission to reclaim it for us in a White Millennium. Here’s the story in depth:


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Now we introduce you to the pioneers of this dawning New Aeon:

The Family of the Ram

And if you’d like to introduce yourself, you can do it by email:


Just mention that you’re responding to The White Frontier.

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