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A Godseye View of History


1. Alpha, Omega, and Us

Cosmogenesis tells us all that happened before time began.  Unique in the annals of cosmology, it explains how the primordial Nothingness (OM) gave birth to the divine Oneness (Supernal Spirit), which then evolved into God, a self-aware infinite being with the power to create the universe.  Next comes the queston of how he did it, and again the answer will surprise everyone from mainstream theologians to astrophysicists.  Only the ancient Hindus had a clue:


In the beginning there was Self alone, in the shape of a person.

He looking round saw nothing but himself….

He wished for a second.  He was so large as man and woman together.

He then made this his Self to fall in two, and thence arose man and woman.

He embraced her, and the world was born.

~ Upanishads


     In some translations the last line is given more explicitly as "He copulated with her."  This is the part of the myth that was most popular: that the world and all that's in it is the love-child born of a primordial act of sacred Eros.  It adds a new dimension to the obvious entendre of the "Big Bang" by showing that of course it came not from a Singularity, but from a Divine Dyad.

     The partners can be called Alpha and Omega, the ultimate Yang and Yin entities locked in timeless loving embrace.  The will of Alpha was ever to ascend back into the Oneness.  This was fulfilled in a recurring climax, an upgasm in which the two melded again and again into the bliss of Supernal Spirit, then fell again in twain when the passion waned.  But Omega at length grew restive and yearned for a lustier pleasure.  Employing all the wiles that inhere in Yin, she seduced Alpha into the first downfuck, a titanic orgasm that splooged out the manifest cosmos and gave birth to the myriad beings.

2. The Purpose of Life


     The divine awareness of God was aloof from the fission of his yang and yin halves into separate beings, maintaining his integrity in the timeless Supernal Realm.  For as we have seen, every further development in the ÜberStory is simply another veil of illusion enshrouding the underlying reality of OM.  The power of God is that he is OM-in-itself embodied as a conscious being.  The great question facing God when he attained this glory was not how or why or when to create the universe, but rather: why bother?  It was so much more compelling to simply melt back into the perfection of OM and be here now forever in ec/static fulfillment.

     Alpha and Omega were God’s first experiment in the quest for a satisfying alternative, the layering of a new veil creating a new dyadic realm.  God filled it with his infinite loving energy, called Caritas (see Cosmogenesis chapter 5).  Alpha and Omega fell in love with each other at first sight, for what they saw was an image in the magic mirror (God’s tool of creation), disguised as a window with an Other looking back.  This was the birth of a new kind of love, the blossoming of a Sacred Heart in the cosmic godbody.  Thus we may describe it as Anahata, from the name of the heart chakra.

     When the magnetic pull of this love caused the pair to fall back into the mirror and re-emerge above in the Oneness of Supernal Spirit, it was the first success of the experiment because it returned some energy to God, a positive value he could not have gained without his dyadic protégés.  It was merely a mote in comparison to God’s infinite reservoir of Caritas, but he savored it for its newness and resolved to proceed with his work of creation.

     Each upfuck into Oneness produced a little squiggle of excess energy that was imbibed by God, a titillation that soon lost its savor.  But when Omega mirrored this discontent, her negative sensations struck God as another piece of novelty; it was not savory in itself, but could be used as a catalyst in further alchemy.  The portent was fulfilled in the downfuck, for as the world poured out of the crack in the cosmic egg, there was an equal reverb on the opposite side, directly back to God.  This potent backwash was still only piddling in relation to God’s glory, but it was a dramatic improvement from the upfuck ~ like the difference between a sip of water and a healthy draft of wine.  God became intoxicated, not from the dose of energy itself, but by the heady prospects for a future vintage.

     The ÜberStory will chronicle the unfolding of the long process by which God gradually improved the quality and quantity of the energy produced in his vineyard, which is the universe.  But first we need a name for this special product which is the purpose of the whole drama.  An accurate technical label would be metaplasm, an amorphous metaphysical substance; but I prefer a more appealing name.

     As basic as it is, the existence of metaplasm is shrouded in the minds of humans, and few find their way through the veil to unriddle the mystery.  One such intrepid soul was Robert A. Monroe, the out-of-body pioneer.  He was shocked to discover that ultimately we’re all here to make metaplasm for the creator of the world; but he came to terms with it, worked out the dynamics of its cultivation and harvesting, and gave it a playful name: loosh.  I can surely do no better than to adopt this term, with a tip of the hat to the source.

     So the next time a soul-searching friend or wandering mendicant asks you feverishly what is the purpose of life?, you can lift the veil and tell them the answer: TO MAKE LOOSH.


3. The Purpose of Death

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