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Joseph Rex Kerrick

     In the hidden recesses of life as we know it lie secret portals to realms beyond. Here are the grander realities from which power is wielded over the mundane world and history is written far in advance of its earthly unfolding. Those with the Eye that peers from this higher reality may share the view with their fellow humans, but only by means of the challenging task of demonstrating vision to the blind or the real world to those trapped in the Matrix. To those who are able to open their minds, the written word and visual imagery can convey an astonishing panorama of dreams that are real and myths that are truer than truth. The magnum opus of the man who stands before you is invested with this alchemy, and has expanded the worldview of many souls.

       This is the core of JRK’s message: a unique melding of Divine Oneness and separate white identity. The theme is fully developed in his factual writings, fusing spiritual Truth and primal reality, overturning the fixed beliefs of the skeptics on both sides of the line.

     There has been a tremendous resurgence of white awareness, spilling over into activism on many fronts. It’s no coincidence that it began at the turn of the twenty-first century, because it was triggered by a unique alignment of occult forces revealed in this book, a secret that holds the key to a White Millennium.

     The theme is expanded in fiction: a new white Avatar was born in 2000 AD in the sign of Aries, an incarnation of the One God of All the Cosmos with an exclusive mission of redemption for the white race. The story is set in the near future when civilization has begun to break down, and a new white homeland has been created from vast stretches of territory liberated from the grip of the World Order. The leader of the insurgency is Ramar, the Avatar who in his young manhood has attained the highest enlightenment as well as psychic-spiritual-physical powers bordering on the supernatural.


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     This is an anthology of JRK’s early fiction. Stories include The Metamorph, in which dramatic events portray life after death in a manner so believable that even jaded skeptics have been stirred. The longest story is a novella: The Visions of Victor and Beatrice.  In Part I, The Wedding of Star and Shadow, Victor undergoes the ultimate near-death experience.  Though fictional, many aspects of the tale are based on true NDEs; here they expand beyond the sum of their parts unto cosmic magnitude.  Part II is titled Do Robots Go To Electric Heaven?  This time Victor's lover Beatrice is swept into the metasphere, a harrowing journey in which she discovers the nightmarish reality behind the illusions of life as she had known it. For a capsule summary that explains the racial aspect of the tale, click on the title link.

     Here is JRK’s second magnum theme: the union of sex and Spirit. The aim is to overthrow the sexual degeneracy of the multicultural world order, and create a fresh white seed-culture in which regenerate Eros will fertilize a New Aeon. For even the pure white light of God’s love is the transmuted essence of erotic passion, which rises from the fires of lust, surges up the shaft of the cosmic axis, fills the Sacred Heart with divine compassion, ejaculates the Holy Name in Heaven, and thence descends again as the blessing of redemption for us all.

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Realm of the Ram


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