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     Alas, as beautiful as was the Golden Age, it was also mortal. There is a natural cycle in the affairs of life, which delimits the term by which all things may endure for good or ill. The time came for the Golden Age to end, and long was the fall of it, but finally it perished, leaving only an afterglow in the collective soul, and a myth in the minds of the people.

     Throughout the eon, the Thuleans had shared the planet with the remnants of the primitive hominid species from which they had been gestated in the early dawn of the race. Rejects and renegades from the Thulean socius had always sought refuge among these creatures, and often cohabited with them, producing a mongrel breed. For tens of thousands of years it was a mere marginal phenomenon, but at last, as internal forces also tipped the scales in favor of decline, more and more interbreeding took place, until the mixed strain began to outnumber the pure, and to challenge it.

     What followed was the dimming out of the light of Thule on Planet Earth. The astral soul atrophied, and the mental soul declined. Now only a remnant of the people, those who still retained some of the higher faculties and copper blood, could see the metasphere with their Third Eyes, could commune with the visitors and travel in space. The majority of souls increasingly lost touch with the metazon, and hence with Thule itself. The very existence of the meta-cosmos now appeared mythical to them, the subject of racial memories and heroic tales of a miraculous past. Those few who were still in touch with it, and could wield its powers, seemed like gods to most of the folk ~ and indeed, this was the origin of gods and God: people who had lost the power to simply see could only believe.

     There was a gradual but drastic decline in the quality and quantity of metaplasm produced by humans. This further weakened the bond with Thule, and narrowed the channel to the motherworld. But worse than this, it opened the way to an invasion by hostile aliens.

     Though all life and the Universe itself derive ultimately from the Star of Life and hence from Thule. some species and beings and creatures have diverged in such an opposite direction that they serve as a counterforce to the scheme of cosmic evolution guided by Thule. These entities serve themselves, and live on the substance of others. They are space vampires and meta-parasites. They have made themselves alien to the Star of Life.

     There came a moment when these aliens breached the defenses of Thule and entered the solar system, not through the Sun but rather through the metasphere of the Moon, in keeping with their dark nature. They set up a Lunar base, and ever since this period in the remote past they have been feeding off the metaplasm of humans and sending the excess back to their home planets through the Moon.

     At first the aliens just flitted around the edges of Earthly society, sucking up random charges and crumbs of stray vitality. Then as time passed and the Thulean metazon began to decay and splinter, the aliens swarmed into the cracks like cockroaches, and settled down to feast in earnest.

     At length they began to manipulate terrestrial events, setting groups of Thuleans against each other, and encouraging their interbreeding with the hominids. Soon it came to pass that large numbers of Earthlings had sufficiently lost their Thulean nature for the aliens to actually eat their souls ~ what souls they had left, that is. The astral soul could not survive the dilution of the copper blood with the cruder fluids of the hominids; and the mental soul now became prey to the voracious appetites of the aliens. It was made of a very pure form of metaplasm, a veritable delicacy for the predators. At the moment of death, any human being who had not lived up to the exacting standards of Thule was unable to defend himself from the hideous alien entity waiting to gobble his mental soul. Since the mental soul was the last remaining depository of the memories of the life just lived, the result was that the individual was forced to reincarnate with the slate wiped clean ~ all memory of past lives was annihilated.

     Only the heart-soul was now passed on from generation to generation, and even this was steadily weakened over centuries as the Thulean gene-pool was further diluted with hominid blood. The heart-soul embodies the basic consciousness which makes us human, and the instinctual bond to our kind. If this most basic substance of the soul is finally lost, it will be the end of the human race on Planet Earth.

     The  cross-breed species  is what we  now call "human", a pathetic  hominoid shadow of the Thuleans who comprise the nobler part of our ancestry, in contrast to the brutal simian creatures with whom they foolishly mated.

     The semi-Thulean pseudo-human race split up into various factions, as the global matrix quickly fragmented into psychically isolated societies. The literal watershed was the Great Flood 10,000 years ago, when the glaciers melted and the polar icecaps shrank, inundat­ing many coastal centers of remaining Golden Age civilization. Even the archeological record bears witness to the cultural decline after this point, comparing the crude artifacts of later "Neolithic" peoples to the infinitely more refined objets of earlier cultures, which are imagined to have been "Paleolithic".

     Miraculously, the essence of the Thulean metazon survived all these disasters, with fragmented outposts of it existing in various parts of the world, among peoples who had been the least adulterated. The Thulean spark explains the similarity between the monuments and cultures of widely separated civilizations. But in the very center of the world landmass was the purest remnant. Here was the source of icons of blue-skinned 

gods and legends of blue-blooded Royals.  From this last center there spread out peoples who retained the knowledge of the four castes and the memory of resplendent Thule. One of the branches even remembered the name.

     Meanwhile, as Thule diminished, in exactly matching proportions the aliens waxed prosperous upon the Earth. They set up metazons of their own, drawing the people into weird and bizarre cultures, all designed with the ultimate end of producing metaplasm for the aliens, by any means feasible.

     In the Golden Age, war had been a stately and noble affair, governed by rules of valor and chivalry mutually understood on both sides, and inviolate. It was recognized that combat is an essential element for the proper upkeep of the truly human (Thulean) metazon, and so various groupings within the global socius periodically had at it, fighting to the death in primal clashes, though death itself was mitigated by the retention of memory in rebirth. The bloody battles with the hominids had an extra element of primality, being fought against a non-human foe, but were essentially the same. And no Thulean would ever dream of murdering his own kin, except in a situation of direst violation of honor.

     But now under the reign of the aliens, there dawned the age of mass warfare and human sacrifice, in which people were slaughtered wholesale for one secret reason: to appease the appetite for human souls on the part of the manipulators. Even with its limited physical tools, modern anthropology has documented the rise of these practices in what it terms the "dawn of civilization". Indeed, for these were the unnatural civilizations of the half-breeds, heavily orchestrated by the aliens.

     When aliens first began coming to Earth, people recognized their repulsive astral forms for what they were. The record of these sightings, and the early relations of humans to aliens, has come down to us in the grim demonology of ancient creeds. But as the alien "demons" became more powerful, the more degenerate cultures began to worship them, as revealed by statues and icons of diabolic monsters held in great esteem. Eventually, the aliens morphed the metazons of certain peoples so completely into harmony with their own demonic nature that they appeared to the Earthlings as human, and even as divine.

     Recorded history as it's known today is a sordid tale of the gradual and remorseless enslavement of humanity by the aliens, aided and abetted by human weakness, greed, and gullibility. For indeed, the saving grace of the human race, just as with all sentient species, is the metazon. Only the connection to this larger entity can provide the individual with the nobler attributes: love, loyalty, and selfless service. A person's spiritual development, and his ultimate attainment of enlighten­ment ~ as exquisitely individual as that experience is ~ nevertheless always occurs in the context of the metazon of which he is a part. But by the beginning of historical times, the Thulean metazon was in shreds. Some vital aspects of it survived in the metazons created by certain religions, and other elements remained intact in places where the people maintained a strong collective bond based on a genome retaining a large Thulean component. Here there were gods in the image of Thule, and the love of Thule existed at least instinctually, in the love for family, kindred, clan, and nation.

     Over the course of time, the Thulean gods were displaced in key areas by gods made in the spiritual image of the aliens. Though the icons came to be carved and painted with the magnificent visage of Thule, these treacherous deities were thoroughly alien in their substance and their credos. It could truthfully be said that the gods themselves were aliens in disguise, come to eat the souls of human beings under the pretext of saving them.

     This further infiltration of the vestiges of Thule paved the way for the next development. A few select breeds of people had so thoroughly adapted themselves to the ways of the aliens, and worshipped the alien gods so completely as their own, that they became actual incarnations of the aliens. Earth was now well on its way to the most horrific possibility: that it would be permanently removed from the orbit of Thule and become a full-fledged slave-world of the aliens.

     It came to pass that one of these alien races struck a deal with the Steward caste in a region where a genetic remnant of Thule had become subservient to an alien god. This combination of forces became so powerful in this region that it eventually expanded and conquered the world; it was in fact the very foundation of the present global culture. The Stewards sold out their ancient trust and now acted exclusively in their own interests. Along with their cohorts of the alien race, they drove out the last of the old Royals, and formed a new ruling caste governing the planet in secret, a veritable Cryptocracy. With the potent mind-control tools of the present age, they manipulate the Vassals of all lands into submission, while flattering them into the delusion that they are now free and that they rule themselves.


     Like their extraterrestrial overlords, the Cryptocracy is a totally parasitic organism. In the process of consolidating their rule over the past two centuries, they started and prolonged wars for their own enrichment and power, ruthlessly crushed and murdered any individual, group, or nation that opposed them, and promoted the uncontrolled expansion of technology for the centralization of their control. We are now on the verge of a worldwide techno-talitarian slave state in which a tiny group of masters exert ironclad dominion over every aspect of the lives and even the minds of a vast population of degenerate zombi-like thralls.

     Even given the most depraved motives on the part of the Cryptocrats, the horrors of recent human history are still not explicable except in terms of the vilest acts of mass vampirization by the aliens. People who protest factory farms do not realize that they themselves are live­stock in a planetary factory farm for humans.

     Inevitably, the quality of the    product    continues    to decline.   With the precipitous deterioration of   the Thulean stock, a billion piddling citizens of the New World Empire cannot produce as much decent metaplasm as did a single clan of primitives at the very begin­ning   of the Golden Age.  The aliens solved this problem by slaughtering the human cattle in ever greater numbers.   World Wars I and II were the most hellish events ever suffered by human beings, but they were a monumental feast with all the trimmings for the alien eaters of souls. And at the very end came the new invention that promised even larger repasts in the future, able to serve up massive hosts of souls on an instant's notice, with a minimum of fuss and bother: the atomic bomb.

     However, in facili-tating the creation of the bomb, the aliens inadvertently triggered an interstellar signal, a warning flash to Thule that things on Earth had gotten out of hand. Shortly afterwards, flying saucers began appearing in the skies, ringing in the new era of extraterrestrial awareness. The subsequent abductions, cattle mutilations, etc., unveiled the true

demonic nature of the aliens; but many people have also experienced contact with the beings from Thule, heralding their return, and the salvation of our species.

     They will not, however, simply do it all themselves on our behalf; the job requires our active participation and initiative. The first step is to see through the illusion of the world as it seems to be. Most people have already become so disgusted with the venal, self-serving puppets who today play the role of political leaders that they have no trouble seeing the face of the alien grinning from behind the clown-masks of these poltroons, and hence 

they vote for no one. However, many of these same people still buy into the media spectacle in one or more of its many facets, admiring some musician or actor whom they think is talented, and thus allowing this anointed instrument of the aliens to steal their souls. The same can be said for religion, because not even the best of the old gods actively opposes the aliens, and many of them are alien entities themselves. And most of all, people who should know better still believe in the myth of miraculous technology, thinking that this supreme soul-killing instrument of the aliens is somehow going to save us from them. Unquestionably, the best of the tech can be salvaged and turned to positive use, but only if the aliens are overthrown and a new Thulean civilization is established on Earth. Some of the tech may also be useful in making the revolution. But people who think that tech in itself is going to bring a better future for themselves and their children are only whistling the funeral dirge of the human race.

     Step 2 is for the remnant of people who are still truly human to recognize themselves as Thuleans, and begin to come together on that basis. This will initiate the regeneration of the Thulean metazon, which is the essential factor in saving the species. Even if all the aliens could be annihilated overnight, the world would still fritter away to its doom if there were no positive metazon to replace them.

     Step 3 is for the terrestrial Thuleans to contact and set up ongoing relations with the new forces now arriving from Thule itself and from other Thulean worlds in the material Universe. This work has already begun, and in fact the remnant of the Seers of Thule never lost contact, though their numbers have shrunk to a few. Everything can now expand once more in earnest, if only the rest of the Elect have the courage and the fortitude to forsake the Alien Empire, and turn again to Thule.

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