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     Some of us have remembered that we came from Thule. Thule is a world of light, and its star is the Great Central Sun which shines through all the other stars in the universe, as a lamp through windows. This star pulses with the signal that causes life to arise on fertile worlds, and then shapes that life in its image. Whenever a species of creature develops in a way that it begins to acquire that image, it triggers a responding signal which is heard in Thule. Then the King of Thule calls for volunteers to go forth and travel to the new planet. Though life in Thule is endless joy, there is never a lack of adventurers eager to explore the larger Cosmos and to raise up new worlds for the greater glory of Thule.

     All the Thuleans who elect themselves for the journey set about building a psychic starship. This they do by conjoining themselves so intimately that they meld into one being. This entity is called a metazon, for it is a species of metazoa, a metaphysical life form.

     The four-dimensional space-time continuum is analagous to a sphere ~ or, as we like to think of it, an apple ~ with the moment of creation at the top and the great reconvergence at the bottom. If the two-dimensional curved surface of the sphere represents the four dimensions of the continuum, then the third dimension of the sphere corresponds to the fifth dimension of the real universe: the solid body of the apple inside the skin. This in fact is the Metasphere, and Thule is at its center ~ the very core of the apple. And the Star of Life is at the heart of Thule. If you would like to see an image of it, slice an apple in half horizontally.

    All the stars and galaxies in the universe speckle the skin of the Cosmic Apple, and thus every one of them is accessible from the Metasphere within.  Psychic starships can travel through it easily, but only when there is a pre-existing link with the point of destination.  This is why Thule must await the fructation of its morphogenetic signal before it can send its deputies to a world.

     For a species to blossom properly, the outer form must become the crucible of the inner, so that the whole being of the organism strives for the Star of Life. Sometimes it befalls a world to come under the sway of a creature who 

has succeeded so well in the task of survival that it can dominate but not progress. Such was the case on Earth with the dinosaurs, who ruled so long to no avail that Thule finally intervened.

     If you have sliced the apple now, you know that the Star of Life is five- pointed, and indeed this is the outer form that life must take to attain at last to spirit: it must be an erect five-pointed    creature, with a head, two arms, and two legs.   As you know, the mightiest di nosaur had this form, and it drew the ships of Thule. For endless eons they waited for a spark of light in the dinosaurs, or a development of brain that could lead in that direction. It never happened, and time dragged on, until at 

length a decision was made in Thule to clear the Earth for more promising specimens. And so Thule sent a meteor, and the dinosaurs were doomed.

     Some sixty million years later, there came a creature on Earth who again drew the attention of Thule. Today this species of being is called "hominid" in general and "Homo Erectus" in particular. It veritably resonated with a signal cognate with the Star of Life. The Thuleans came, and this time they were not disappointed.

      The metazon came invisibly and encompassed the hominds, interpenetrating and eventually replacing their morphic field. Subtle changes were wrought in the creatures, altering their DNA. At last, after many generations, the outer form was complete ~ morphed to the point where it could become a vehicle of Thule.

     The final step of the great transmutation from hominid to human occurred after a mated pair of the creatures learned the art of fucking face-to-face. This permitted eye contact at the moment of climax, which is the exact act by which two created beings cross the abyss which separates them and attain contact with Thule. The two became one for a moment in the light of the Star of Life, and when 

this one being fell again in two, the two remembered, and found that they had changed. They had become conscious, which is the modem way of saying that they had become ensouled. They were human now, and Thuleans incarnate.

      Indeed, for the metazon that had crossed the larger abyss of space now became the conjoint soul of this first man and woman, of the others who later attained their state after learning the new act of love, and of the children of them all.

      This soul, knowing itself and cherishing its union with eternal Thule, acquired in usage four operative parts, as the soul expressed itself in man, woman, boy, and girl. or father, mother, son, and daughter. And the shards of the soul embodied in these persons acquired names, as the newly human creatures began to speak. Their names were simple, as befitted the rudimentary stage of the language; yet to that extent it was the language of Thule itself, and when these dawnfolk spoke, the words rippled with magic and resonated with primal force.

      Even to this day the remnants of these words echo in our speech ~ for the name of the father was Da, and the mother was Ma; their son was named Ra, and their daughter Sha. All the 'a's are soft, as in the sigh: Ah!

      These individuals were all immortal within the metazon. They had achieved the first stage of conscious existence, which is centered in the heart. There was so little extraneous complexity to their souls that every boychild was virtually a reincarnation of his grandfather, and every girl of her grandmother. . . and they even had the same names.  The children of Ra and Sha were Da and Ma, and thus the members of the clan remained the same for generation after generation.

      The gifts of life and soul from Thule were not given as a unilateral boon. The new Thuleans of Earth ~ that is to say, human beings ~ were bound to the motherworld by the channel through the Metasphere.  Their responsibility was to complete the circuit by sending certain vital substances back to Thule, which could be used for its own sustenance and for dispersal as needed to any of the myriad planets throughout the Universe which had been populated by Thule. The general name for these substances is "metaplasm". Its essence is the life-energy exuded by all living beings, though ensouled creatures produce much more refined and luscious forms of it.

     The clans of the folk in the early days were small, and even though the total population increased as they spread across the planet, there was still only a tiny number of people on Earth as compared to today. Yet such was the calibre of these few, and the purity of their souls, that 

they generated prodigious amounts of metaplasm. Understand how this happened: the key deed repeated over and over was the act of sexual love. This natural act was so utterly different from what passes today for sex that we must qualify it by calling it primal sex. Primal sex is the real thing.

     The dawnfolk did not cross the abyss to Thule every time they made love, but it happened often enough to keep them in continuous contact with the motherworld. This is also the most elegant and effective way to channel metaplasm directly back to the source, for the transfer is instantaneous.

     The second most potent way to create metaplasm is an act of Ma: childbirth. The mothers of early humanity were very good at it, and did it often. Not only did it replenish the physical life of the clan and species, but the excess energy of the act itself went far to nourish the intergalactic network of Thule.

     A subsidiary of these two premium forms of metaplasm-making is the love and the care, the concern and the kindness, that primal humans lavished upon one another. Their hearts were huge, and poured forth such bounty on their mates and children and kin, that veritable oceans of it spilled over into Thule.

     The third strongest method of making metaplasm is the natural polar complement of the second, and is indeed an act of Da: combat. Modern-day people who have lost their primal nature do not understand how this can be a positive act, for they are surrounded by degenerate forms of senseless violence. But in the dawntime, and in all primal situations ever since, the special love of the man for his women and children moves him to oppose and to kill whatever or whoever threatens their well-being and survival. This act is as sacred and as necessary for the life of the species as that of bringing children into the world.

     Spiritually and biologically, this species was almost an optimum expression of the light of Thule. Anthropologists, who have only their skeletal remains to go by, know that they were as tall as moderns in the developed world, and that their brain capacity was slightly larger. What the physical scientists have no way of knowing is that the blood of these early humans was copper-based instead of iron-based, as is ours today; and that their skin was practically transluscent, so that the blood added its tint to it, and hence it appeared to be blue. This is the origin of stories and images of blue-skinned gods, many of them still extant in certain religions, and of a term still current in our own speech, in which members of the nobility are referred to as "blue-bloods". In the dawntime it was literally true.

     In the clan, the natural hierarchy of individual beings, which existed then in our species as it does always and forever throughout the Universe, was recognized and dealt with instinctively. The man with the most yang ~ that is, male force and ability ~ got the most and the best women, and thus fathered the most children. His was the phenotype closest to the ideal of Thule, and this was the physical mechanism by which it was perpetuated upon the Earth. In every clan there was one alpha male who most closely approximated the eternal father-principle called Da. The same process governed the selection of women to embody Ma, except that there was more than one of her, because of the natural exigencies of sperm and egg, of phalluses and wombs. In general, the women who had the most yin, or femininity, and were thereby the best mothers, tended to reproduce their kind.

     Lesser men found work to do in the cooperative  ventures   of  the   hunt  and combat, and thus won the right to at least one mate each, and a valued place in  the   hierarchy.     This   availability of males also increased the options of lesser women,  and  the  overall  quality of the clan  was  maintained  by the  fact  that more   of   the   children   of   the   lesser couples died before they reached the age of mating. The sadness of these realities was greatly mitigated by the fact that the metazon went on, along with the souls which comprised it, and that in a real, spiritual sense, absolutely nothing and no one was ever lost. The only actual tragedy would be the death of the metazon itself.

     Within the ecstatic parameters of the love of this greater being, every single individual was spontaneously accorded the exact degree of the respect and deference which he or she truly and exactly deserved by their own merits. The Universal Hierarchy was perceived in its true form, as a golden ladder going up from the Earth through the Sun to Thule, the means by which all souls can ultimately progress to their highest destiny. The ladder has an infinite number of rungs, and no one would ever presume to stand on the same rung as another person, nor begrudge another member of the community their rightful place on a higher rung. This is the natural order, and the Thulean humans acknowledged it joyfully.

     The will of Thule was for the people to expand and populate the entire planet. As their numbers began to increase, the social form of the clan became cumbersome, and impeded the growth of the collective soul. The complexity of the hierarchy also increased so much that it became necessary to formalize the basic groupings. Those incarnate humans most closely in tune with the doings of Thule in the Metasphere were organized into a group of souls designated by a term which we could roughly translate as "Seers". Those males with a special propensity for combat and leadership, and the female nurterers and mates of soldiers and leaders, and women who became leaders themselves (though not soldiers, for this is exquisitely an attribute of yang), were organized and designated as "Royals". The men and women who worked the farms (which were the physical basis of the expansion) and dealt with the exchange and trading of goods were called "Stewards", denoting that their work and their power were exercised in trust for the whole community, and under the authority of the Seers and Royals, though not always by direct command. The final grouping were those lowest in the hierarchy, whose skills and strength could only be exercised under the immediate direction and initiative of others. These were called "Vassals", and the growth of their souls was contingent on the fulfillment of only one injunction: to faithfully obey their kindred in all of the three higher groupings.

     The word that has come down to us for the groupings is "caste". However, the negative implications and abuses of its later use did not apply in the time of which we write. It was an arrangement based on the true spiritual nature of all the individuals involved.

     And indeed, the spiritual basis for this expansion of the metazon was a devel­opment of the soul. It rose from its root in the heart to an area of the cerebrum controlled from a subtle nexus in the throat. This laryngeal center is also connected directly to the hands, and enables the mastery of finer forms of thought, speech, and dexterity. It can be thought of as a veritable mental soul, coexisting with the heart-soul and complementing its powers.

     The complexity of the mental soul expanded the basic cast of characters in the metazon well beyond the rudimentary Da-Ma-Ra-Sha. Many parts of the group-soul of the species now became metazons unto themselves, and the larger metazon which encompassed them all became less of an entity and more of a place ~ a true outpost of Thule in the local metasphere of Planet Earth.

There were special metazons who oversaw the arts of love and war, and others who governed the making of imagery and the creative use of sound. Some looked after the matters of agriculture and architecture, and a special crew manned the channels of communication with Thule and other worlds.

     For in fact, at this stage of its development, the Thulean colony on Earth was in contact with many planets, for all the Thulean worlds, even those at the remotest reaches of the continuum, were immediately linked through the metasphere. Paraphysical engineering enabled even solid bodies to make the leap, converting matter to psychic substance and then back again to matter at journey's end.

     So it was that a great array of starships visited Earth, and its metasphere and atmosphere were always filled with visitors. Although a large majority of these extraterrestrials were humanoid, there was still a marvelous range of variation, for the Thulean signal had impressed its general form on many species. None of these noble races were considered alien, for all served the Star of Life at the heart of Thule.

     The stellar impetus sparked a further evolution in the Thuleans of Terra: they learned to travel to other planets themselves, instead of just passively receiving visitors. This ability was facilitated by a further ascent of the fire of life in the physical body to the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is controlled by a subtle center in the pineal gland. Even some "modern" physical scientists recognize the pineal as a vestigial eye, though of course they fail to realize that its proper field of vision is the meta-cosmos. And not just sight but actual travel, for this Third Eye became the root of an astral soul, which could leave the physical body and travel freely among the stars.

     Modern humans, who are in fact very primitive because of their narrow material orientation, cannot believe that an actual space-faring culture vastly more sophisticated and advanced than their own existed on Earth in the dim reaches of the past, and left nothing that they can recognize in the bones and stones of the "archeological record". And the fact is that the higher centers in modern humanity have so atrophied that even if one or more of these people could be magically transported back in time to the Golden Age of Thule on the Earth, they would still not recognize what they saw as a superior culture. For the Thuleans had established a primal civilization, in which the citizens were as close to nature as their primitive forebears in the clan, yet carried on all the art and commerce of the exquisitely sophisticated stage they had evolved to. Physical technology was at a minimum, though there were significant tools. Many of these were made from perishable materials, but even when modern archeologists find some of the more durable ones, they do not recognize them for what they are, or were ~ because almost all of them operated by means of a psychic component, and are useless and inscrutable without it.

     The ancient Thuleans had no need for ocean liners nor telephone lines, because communication was instantaneous around the globe via the psychic network. There was no need for writing, because their prodigious memories could carry forward reams of infinitessimal detail, not only for a lifetime but indefinitely, because they did not lose their memory when they reincarnated. The individuals who were members of the various specialized metazons were basically immortal, maintaining nearly total continuity of awareness from life to life. This is a function of the mental and astral souls; when they came back in a new physical body, hardly a jot or a tittle had been forgotten.



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