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A Godseye View of History

Instant recap: In the beginning there was the None. It spawned the One, which in turn begat Two, who conjoined in love and gave birth to the myriad beings. God is the One who wields the None, the omnipotent cosmic Force. The universe is God's energy farm where he grows loosh, the fruit and purpose of life. The most savory loosh springs from the union of opposite beings, and the purpose of death is to cultivate the difference and opposition.

     The setting of our story is the Talasphere, the first and greatest realm of the Omnicosmos.



4. The Purpose of War


     When the multitudes of the Talasins were swept up and killed in the maelstrom, God discovered that the release of their souls at death produced a charge of very powerful loosh.  The invention of mortality thereby promised to be a very abundant source of the vital substance, and God resolved to pursue this line of experiment with great vigor.

     This raises an issue at the core of Western theology, usually posed as the question: How can a loving and merciful God permit all the suffering and evil in the world?  Such conundrums can only arise from false premises, which in this case is the notion of a God absolutely separate from his creation; this belief is avidya, spiritual ignorance.  The Truth, as we have seen, is OM, the ultimate singularity, conjoining even Being and Nonbeing.  All that we see around us, within us, and far away from us, all the diverse phenomena and myriad beings, are OM, of which naught else can be said.  God is a being with self-awareness and will and personhood, just like his sentient creations; but his distinction is that he also has total, permanent, pellucid awareness of OM.

     All opposites are united in OM, and the way God creates the world is by separating them. Thus he separates the other beings from himself, but in his OM-consciousness he is One with them.  God personally experienced all the pain and agony of the dying Talasins, for it was his own, as well as their joyful release into Oneness at death.  This is precisely the way that God imbibes the loosh of his creatures: by realizing his identity with them.  And here we have the answer to the vexing riddle: God not only permits but perpetrates all the negative as well as positive experiences of his creatures ~ and none of them are justified in casting judgement upon him for it, because in Truth he’s only doing it to himself.  For God is ever the One, the All, and the Only ~ as well as the None, the Nil, and the Never-Shall-Be.

     The Talasins were now competing for scarce resources, but it never occurred to any of them to lift a hand against another, for this was unprecedented in their experience. But God soon grasped that conflict between them would be an ideal way to make loosh ~ the potent emotions evoked in a fight to the death would generate a large helping of it, then the mortal stroke would be the main course. The initiation came when two beings of roughly equal yang were contending for the affections of a beautiful yin. She found it hard to choose between them, so it was a stalemate ~ until God flexed an urge in one of the yangs which was instantly acted upon: he struck the other, knocking him to the ground. Great was the astonishment of this being at undergoing the first act of violence in all the cosmos ~ but, cued subtly by God, he sprang up and engaged the other in a fight. Their protean bodies made it hard to inflict mortal damage, but they grabbed whatever objects came to hand as weapons, and finally one killed the other.

     The yin being was frightened by the spectacle, but before she could flee the yang grabbed her and fucked her with all the fury by which he had just killed his foe. So potent was their climax that they conjoined fully into one another and attained identity with God. This illusion-shattering upfuck delivered to God a jolt of loosh that electrified him as never before. It only lasted a few moments, for as soon as the sexual climax passed the beings fell away into their twoness. They were left with the memory of the vision of God in their union, producing a mutual love so consuming that it deserves to be called Eros. And now that the beings had attained a truly erotic degree of polarization, they may accurately be described as male and female. The act produced a child, who grew up to become a mighty leader of the Talasins. When he came of age he recovered the genetic memory of the divine glory. He was the ultimate yang being: a Supernal alpha male.

     So great were the benefits of mortal combat to the Talasins and to God himself that it soon became a way of life. The familial bond was the core attractor for martial alliances, giving rise to a long aeon of clannish warfare, tribe against tribe. The leader of every league was a Supernal alpha male, with a hierarchy of warriors as his cohort. They recruited their kindred beings of lesser yang as foot-soldiers for the primal war. Many of course were culled on the front lines, but the survivors increased their yang by means of victory, and they reaped the reward of forming bonded relationships with females of a comparable degree of yin. The females with the highest quantum of yin were called omegas, and these invariably mated with the Supernal alphas, producing ongoing bumper crops of resplendent babies, fit for life in the challenging new landscape of the Talasphere.


To be continued

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