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by Joseph Rex Kerrick

Scribed 9-22-2001 (Equinox)

Hearken, all ye    hallowed beings,

Both high and low    of Thule's kindred,

I'll tell you now    of hidden things

As God himself    may have remembered.


Like endless sea    without an isle

There was a void:    Ginnungagap.

No boat sailed    upon this Nihil,

No hand nor pen    could draw a map.


Then suddenly    there came a spark

Of brilliant flame    upon the deep ~

A single star    within the dark,

And soon the fire    danced and leaped.


This fiery world,    called Muspelheim,

By inverse power    gave birth to ice,

Which melted down    and turned to rime

And spawned a seed    of Paradise.


Surtur’s urge    with blazing heat

Would soon devour    the budding world;

But from the frost    there sprang Savit. 

Her womb across    the Gap unfurled ~


It wrapped the surging    flame around,

And formed a shaft,    a hollow rod;

Thus cock in cunt    was firmly bound

And hence became    the Will of God.

The act of love    had made the Sun,

Called Savitur,    for they were One.

Around the Light    the planets spun,

Like a dance,    nine worlds in one.


But though the All    is indivisible,

Below the ground,    beyond the mountain

Lie hidden realms    and worlds invisible,

Which always drink    from Surtur’s fountain.


Indeed the Lingam    is a Tree,

From roots of which    the worlds all spring;

Whatever was    and is to be

Is graven in    each layered ring.

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