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White Frontier


Overview & Index

     The white race will survive as long as the Earth supports human life, but it will never again be master of the Earth until it transcends the human condition.  This does not require a genetic mutation but a collective transformation in which Spirit is infused into the blood and the people are lifted body and soul one step closer to Heaven.  If this spiritual shift is successful and sustained, it will transmute the genome in turn over the following generations, and our heirs will be a genuine breed of Übervolk.

     The race as it is will never be united.  The change will be made not by winning political hegemony in any nation-state, nor by awakening a large number of white people to racial reality.  The victorious strategy is modeled by evolution: a small group of self-selected individuals with superior qualities secures a foothold, forms a new gene pool, and takes over an econiche by gradually replacing the species from which it evolved.  In this instance, the timetable will be speeded up by the collapse of the global high-tech Matrix.

     We have a special insight into the timetable, because we are connected with a current of power shaping world events.  There are many such currents and cross-currents, some in harmony, some opposed to one another, and some sublimely detached.  Two of the most powerful currents are ever in deadly antithesis; they clashed in World War II, which we examine in light of the leading protagonist, and ask:

The outcome was a major reversal of fortune for the white race, but we predict that

     We note the revival of nationalism in North America and Europe, but are critical of its potential.  In line with the above strategy, we predict that the future lies in white alternative communities, especially the kind of bonded group called a 

     There are primal, national, and religious sodalities, but the most powerful of all are those that are filled with 

Supernal Spirit

To understand this amazing manifestation of

The Spirit in Our Midst

and learn that a religion, a culture, or a sodality can incorporate Supernal Spirit and become a Godbody.

We sum it up and deliver the payoff in
What Does It All Mean?

Our own sodality in the making is

     The Kin of Aries is the Family of RamaSpirit.  The path that we follow is outlined in RamaDharma, a way of life rooted in tradition and aimed at a future beyond anything our ancestors achieved in the past.

     We foresee present patterns of world events developing into an apocalyptic struggle in which we can overthrow the Matrix and turn the aeon from the Kali Yuga to a new Golden Age.  The groundwork of this vision is realistic but esoteric, and can’t be explained factually in commonly understood terms.  Therefore we resort to fiction to convey the basics in dramatic form: 

Equally important is myth, which leavens the historical record with an archetypal overview, and in a real sense can be truer than truth

And here’s a factual exegesis on 

In a briefer spiel we advise the Faustians:

Caveat Venditor

(Let the seller beware!)

This is followed by our critique of

Comments are welcome:

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