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 Fiction for a White Rebirth 

     There’s never a hard distinction between the poles of true and false except in the narrow confines of dualistic matter, dualistic science, and dualistic mentality. There’s an even broader middle ground between the truth and a lie, where the only test is often the ear of the hearer. Widest of all is the many-splendored spectrum between fact and fiction, especially in the electronically complexified Zeitgeist of postmodern times. The criterion for any given factoid or artifact is no longer veritas but verisimilitude: not “is it true?” but rather “how strongly does it resonate in how large a collective consciousness?” If an opus classed as “fiction” makes a decisive impact on the minds and hearts of a multitude and inspires them to change the world, its content is obviously more real than encyclopedic tomes of flat, unmoving “fact”.

     Here, then, is my contribution to a far-fetched fantasy which is rapidly evolving into a well-

populated alternate reality: a world where white people rise up and reclaim their heritage. All of the writings are “fiction”, but this is merely a literarily correct label.

     These are my first two professionally-published volumes of fiction, the heirs of the many ’zines and photocopied book/lets I circulated in the alternative press in the pre-Internet era. They’re offered for sale on my Author Page, but here I’d like to provide an index of fiction available for free reading on my website & blog.

     My first piece of fiction was The Metamorph, a love story (1992), which appears in Legends of the Metasphere.  The link is to a post which tells some of the plot and outlines the spiritual dimensions of it.  It's not specifically racial, except that all the characters are white and the story involves some mythological themes from white history.

     Two years later I launched an overtly racial epic, R. Marcus.

The title character is a kind of white superhero, though his powers are occult and spiritual rather than the usual comic book variety.  Marcus claims to be the rightful leader of an ancient race, the Solarians, who are the true heirs of Western Civilization.  This Imperium has been infiltrated and conquered by the Ophidians, a serpent-race which rules by parasitism and deception.  White folks with racial awareness will have little trouble seeing through the symbolism, and will easily grasp who's who and what's what.

     To create maximum verisimilitude I crafted a fictional identity for myself as well, and told the tale as if the author, Victor Noble, had been personally involved in the adventures of his friend Marcus, and was now writing his biography. I outlined a multi-volume plot culminating in the hero becoming an Avatar, a superhuman incarnation of the White Spirit who would lead his

people to a resurgent new Imperium. Even though it was my most popular alt-press publication, I was disappointed that nobody believed it was literally true.  This, along with other factors in my life and work, led me to abandon the Marcus project after the first volume. But this is not the end of the story, as you’ll see below.

     In 1997 & ’98 I wrote two novelettes which you see featured here. Parsifal is in Legends of the Metasphere, but also online. Click on the pic for the complete tale. For an introductory spiel, click here:

     Christführer was an effort to bridge the huge hostile gulf in the whiteside between Christians and the pagans who hate Christianity with a vengeance equivalent to what they feel for the racial adversary. It didn’t make much of a dent in this collective karma, but a lot of people liked it as a story. It was my first piece of writing aimed at the turn of the millennium, and by means of an apocalyptic fusion embodied in the title, the White Avatar steps forth from the highest realm and prepares to descend to Earth to fulfill his mission.

     When the millennium actually arrived my life was taken up by the real events which exceeded my wildest imaginings and expectations, and fulfilled them in an unexpected way. You can read the story in RamaGenesis; in brief, the white collective soul went through a spiritual death in an eclipse in August 1999, followed by a rebirth in a planetary alignment nine months later in May 2000 (5-2K). As always, such aeon-turning events happen first in the metasphere (the spiritual realm), and only later manifest in the physical world. As one of the Elect who was aware of the transition (and helped it along magically), my job now was to convey the news to people on the whiteside of the sociopolitical spectrum.

     It’s very likely that around the time of the alignment a child (or even more than one) was born with the superior genetic make-up and spiritual potential to develop the Überpowers needed to become an Avatar. Such individuals come into the world in every generation but most of them keep a low profile, and ordinary folk are not aware of the superpeople who walk among them. So in order to reveal these secrets in a way that whitesiders will find plausible, I resorted to fiction once again.

     The hero of Ram Arising (see links above) picks up the gauntlet right where Marcus dropped it: he’s the White Avatar, this time equipped with the full quantum of Godlike potential bestowed by his birth at the peak of the planetary alignment in 5-2K; he’s the very incarnation of the White Spirit. The name given him at birth was Gavin, but he takes on the Godname of Ramar. The novel is set in 2033 when he’s at the symbolic age of 33. But there’ll be no crucifixion for him, as he leads a white insurgency against the fraying remnants of the old order with society in an advanced stage of breakdown.

     Marcus, meanwhile, was not forgotten, though he did get crucified by Federal agents in a fiery confrontation hauntingly similar to the real-life drama of Robert Mathews, in the same time-frame of the mid-’80s. But the children of Marcus preserved his legacy, as well as his white alternative community. They knew of the celestial events at the turn of the millennium, and Marcus’ daughter Diana performed an act of sex magic with her husband during the eclipse to conceive a divine child ~ thus the timely birth of Gavin.

     I realized that the gap in the multi-generational epic had to be filled in ~ the rest of the tale of Marcus

had to be told. But since the future events were now more pressing than those of the past, it had to be done in a condensed format. So the grandfather of the Avatar became The Forefather, the eponymous hero of a Chronology which relates the key events in a concise but dramatic fashion. And to flesh out the depths of the human dimension and the psyches of the characters, the Chronology is interspersed with personal stories. The first is Conjunction with Venus, a novelette which can be read and enjoyed on its own.

     Now another novel is progress: Pull the Plug. This one is set in the present and features the same clan of characters, who call themselves Thuleans. There are time-loops running forwards & backwards: the opening scene is on Gavin’s 15th birthday; he spars with his battle-hardened Uncle Eric, who made a brief appearance as Marcus’ newborn son at the very end of the R. Marcus epic, and also appears as a baby in Conjunction with Venus. Likewise, more of the events and adventures of the characters between the death of Marcus in 1985 and the present day are getting filled in along the way. We learn that a number of individuals spontaneously wakened to their white

destiny during the eclipse and alignment, found each other through amazing synchronicities, and became a racial/spiritual community. They called themselves the Kin of Aries ~ the family of the Ram. The name reflects a

crucial element of the whole plot and key to the ultimate aim of Turning the Aeon: according to Western astrology the 5-2K alignment was in Taurus, but the true astronomical position was in Aries. This sets up a symbolic conflict of cosmic magnitude: the Bull vs. the Ram for the fate of the world.

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