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Cracking the Corona Code

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Who knows what agenda lurks behind the pandemic hysteria? Who does Corona serve? What is the real cause of the outbreak, and what is its goal?

In the pattern of events there is a code, and to crack it we must fathom all the proposed hypotheses, from the probable to the ludicrous to the outrageous to the sublime.

Proposition #1: It’s the fulfillment of the endtime prophecies in the Book of Revelation, as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse purge the Earth for the Second Coming of Christ.

2. It’s the fulfillment of the endtime prophecies in the Hindu Puranas, as Kalki, the Tenth Avatar of the God Vishnu, destroys the Last Empire of the Kali Yuga and overthrows the Black Goddess for whom it’s named.

3. It’s a plot by the globalists to crash the world economy, dethrone President Trump and other right-wing leaders, and impose one-world government.

4. It’s theStorm foretold by the prophet Q-Anon, in which Trump will impose martial law, round up all the deep-state perps & pedo sex traffickers, bring them before military tribunals, execute the worst offenders, and lock up the rest in Guantanamo.

More to come!

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