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White Survival Network

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Millions of people, mostly white, are on the move across the map, pulling up stakes from the metropolitan matrix and heading for the hinterland. They heed warnings from many sources to flee from the wrath to come, be it political, biblical, martial, or medical. The backwoods are already abounding with refugees, equipped for survival to varying degrees. Among them are visionaries who would like to create ethnostates to seed a new white nation, or at least take over the government of their local village or town by filling it with like-minded whites. These are credible hopes, and surely the race will not perish.

But the well-plotted cataclysm rolling over the world is of such magnitude that it will wipe out all opposing forces except those with a larger plan and enough organization to execute it. Therefore I propose a network of like-minded people to share information and cooperate toward the goal of mutual survival, to pool resources and help each other in practical ways. Lots of people have not yet left the danger zones, and might need some crucial tactical information to do so. People who live in favorable locations can let others know that their area is a good place to move. A mutual advantage would be that like-minded whites would gradually settle within neighborly range of one another, creating opportunities for community and enhancing survival prospects in worst-case scenarios.

If any members of the network had their rights infringed by the authorities, they could send a distress call and get help from other members in whatever ways were feasible. The bigger the network, the more resources will be available, and the sense of community will grow accordingly. Of course there are hazards and pitfalls in such a project, but these can be dealt with in the course of development. The pressing need is to get started, before the lockdowns and round-ups leave no turf untouched.

If you think this is a good idea and would like to discuss it, feel free to leave a comment below or reply privately to the email address. You can also post the link or the meme to whatever social media you frequent.

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