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The Man To Come

Instant recap: Earthly destiny is governed by Supernal Spirit. The Third Reich was defeated in World War II because Hitler lacked or lost a connection with this Spirit, but it’s possible that a new leader will arise who is fit to become a Supernal Führer.

2. The Man To Come

“I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”

Adolph Hitler made this statement in 1928. It turned out to be a prelude for a remark he made on the last day of his life, April 30, 1945. It was reported by the chief of his personal service, SS Sturmbannführer Heinz Linge, in his book Bus zum Untergang (Path to Destruction):

“Shells and shrapnel rained down ceaselessly on Berlin, fueling the raging firestorms. I felt like I was having an hallucination of Die Götterdämerung, the Twilight of the Gods. Within the Bunker, the Führer called for me and told me that I must flee. I was overwhelmed with grief because I knew that he would die. I asked him, “For whom must we fight now, Mein Führer?” And he replied: “FOR THE MAN TO COME.”

We can see from these quotes that Hitler solaced the tragic ending of his life with a hope that his legacy could be restored and his mission fulfilled by a man he envisioned as greater than he. This hope was taken up by Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat and author who formulated a teaching he called Esoteric Hitlerism. The most comprehensive presentation of it is in his final book, whose title reflects the above quote: MANU ~ For the Man to Come.

Many knowledgeable sources agree that at the beginning of his career, Hitler was inspired and led by a Higher Power, a divine force using him as an instrument for the betterment not only of Germany but all mankind. Serrano was a member of an esoteric order whose Maestro (Master) claimed to be in psychic contact with Hitler, or rather with the Überhuman entity that was overshadowing him. Evidently the flowering of the Reich was in accordance with the divine plan, but the Maestro became alarmed at the prospect of an invasion of the Soviet Union. He tried to warn the Führer against it, to no avail; and when it happened, he sensed that Hitler was no longer being guided by the same Power.

This assessment is in accord with another psychic evaluation of the matter made in advance. We reported it here:

In brief, Edgar Cayce gave a reading in 1933 in which his spirit-control said that Hitler was being guided by a spiritual Source, and that he would not lead Germany into war as long as he followed its dictates. It warned that the greatest danger to this prospect was the urge to imperialism.

In defense of the Führer, white right pundits assert that his invasion of Russia in June 1941 was in response to a Soviet build-up on the borders, presaging a planned offensive against the Reich, and that only a first strike could head this off. We don’t need to debate this strategic issue, but only to fathom Hitler’s intentions relative to the spiritual issue. And there can be no doubt that the primary aim of Operation Barbarossa (as the campaign was called) was the permanent conquest of the fertile and well-populated territories of Ukraine and points east. This plan was insinuated by Hitler even before the war in his call for Lebensraum: living space for an ever-expanding German Volk. Conquest in pursuit of it was clearly imperialism.

So the invasion of Russia was indeed the act by which Hitler forsook his divine guidance, and cast the die for the doom that overtook him, and Germany and Europe as well. We can speculate on what might have happened had he held fast to his spiritual fiat and resisted the lust for conquest, even if it risked adversity on the battlefront. Realistically, though, Stalin was too savvy a strategist to initiate hostilities against the Axis when the USSR was not yet backed by the Allies. Thus with no Eastern Front, the Reich could have held its ground and sued for peace. We can imagine an ideal scenario in which Germany agreed to withdraw from France and other occupied nations, in exchange for the return of the overseas colonies it had been stripped of at Versailles. This would have foiled the plan of Roosevelt and the Rothschilds to bring America into the war. Victory for the Reich would have been the final outcome, with Germany as the dominant power in Europe. It may even have accomplished in peace what it failed to do in war, and hastened the fall of Communism.

Now we must return to the harsh reality that prevails IRL. A large portion of the National Socialist movement is turning into a profane religion of Hitler-worship, an obsessive focus on the man who came and went, with no thought about how this can carry over to new developments in the future. This cult of exoteric Hitlerism is a far cry from Serrano’s enlightened prophecies. His concept of a new White Avatar, a Godman, blends the identities of the Hindu Kalki, Wotan, and an Aryan Christ he called Kristos. This triumphant figure also incorporates the essence of Hitler, the Führer as the immortal Volk-Soul of his people.

When can we expect the arrival of this Avatar? Serrano’s prophecy again conflates the three traditions: at the end of the present degenerate Kali Yuga, the divine hero appears and declares holy war, the beginning of Ragnarok; then he leads his army to victory in the battle of Armageddon. As for the timeline, Serrano was no more specific than the prophecies of any of the three creeds in question. But we have some new information about it, breaking developments in Heaven and Earth. A decisive shift occurred in the year 2000, and it’s possible that the Avatar is already here! Stay tuned for the revelation of:

3. The Millennium Champion


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