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Whitestock Nation

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The victory of the Globalist cabal in stealing the 2020 election from President Trump marks the literal birth of the long-heralded New World Order. The last tatters of electoral democracy have been flushed into the cesspool of history, and therefore all nation-states rooted in the power of their people to control the government have been effectively abolished. America is gone, Great Britain is a memory, France is dead, Germany is buried. All the once-proud nations of Europe and her colonies have given up the ghost ~ which is the Geist, the Spirit of the white race that founded them. We have all become homeless ~ a people without a country to call our own.

But the White Geist is alive inside of us: the folk whose ancestors peopled the nations from East to West, from Aryavarta (India) to Land’s End (England). The only hope to save the race in this hour of its greatest peril is for us, the faithful remnant, to unite in Spirit.

Many foresighted people pulled up their stakes from the melting-pot matrix, some of them long before Trump came along and offered the last great hope for white power within the system. They created havens in hidden niches, homesteads well-stocked with guns & butter. Many more are following in their footsteps in the current-year crisis, fleeing the citadels a bare step ahead of the shadow of doom.

So the backwoods are abounding with white refugees, equipped for survival to varying degrees. Among them are visionaries who would like to create ethnostates to seed a new white nation, or at least take over the government of their local village or town by filling it with like-minded whites. These are credible hopes, but the current reality is that most of the new pioneers are cast away in their fortresses of solitude, scattered across the map like flyspecks on a carpet. They are legions of people physically separated but yearning after the same goal: to preserve their good white stock, to make a future for their children and save their race.

No matter how daunting the prospect may be for fulfillment in the material world, these shared feelings and thoughts and desires have tremendous power in themselves. The collective vision of a new homeland actually morphs into reality in a higher realm. It’s an undiscovered country, invisible to the eye but perfectly tangible to the heart and soul. It’s really and truly a Whitestock Nation.

We believe that by giving a name to this shared longing, and creating images of it that strike the soul, we’re helping to bring it into reality. If you feel moved by the message, please spread it to your friends & frens, folk & family, kindred & clan. You can use the image above as a meme, and there’ll be more memes to come!

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