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How Lucifer Rising Put Hitler On Ice

by Vincent Vidi Vici (aka White Spirit)

1. Cosmo-Crypto-Fascist Fun

I’m second generation white & proud, and when I was a teenager in the 1990s my dad showed me his collection of National Vanguard magazines, all nice & glossy with classical art on the covers though usually only in one color like a pale blue overlay of an old engraving or whatever. I had a pretty good head on my broad shoulders though somehow I could never get it to knuckle down at school. But when I started plowin’ through that stack of pro-white lit my reading comprehension jumped up off the chart. There were also some fliers & newssheets plus a set of four or five booklets headed Cosmotheism. Dad said he couldn’t make head nor tail out of ’em and that they reminded him of religious tracts which he never had any use for, bein’ a real down-to-earth guy. He said, “Even though Doc Pierce’s version is for white people, it’s still pie in the sky.”

Well this got me curious, and it turned out that I had exactly the opposite reaction. As I paged through those booklets I thought wow, this is the real stuff, it explains the meaning of life! I knew there was no sense talkin’ to Dad about it, so I sat right down and wrote a letter to William Pierce askin’ him the inside scoop on Cosmotheism and when was there gonna be more booklets. I practically bumped my head on the ceiling when a couple weeks later I got a reply. The letter was real heart-warming at the start as the Doc said how proud he was that white youth like me was wakin’ up to our racial heritage. He was glad I got turned on by Cosmotheism and delved into a few fine points, but said he had to put it on the back burner because it just wasn’t popular enough with the folks who came to his meetings and were on his mailing list. The political stuff was at the top of the heap, followed by historical and scientific writings, and Cosmotheism rock bottom. I had mentioned Dad’s negative take, and he said yeah, that’s a perfect example.

I turned 20 in ’95, and things got interesting in the second half of the decade in the pro-white undercurrent. There was a big alt-media where anybody with a typewriter and a few bucks could whomp up a ’zine, a print periodical that was photocopied & stapled, and circulate it to hundreds or even thousands of people through the snail mail, though it wasn’t called that then because there wasn’t any email. Lots of these ’zines had a pro-white bent, some of them out front & in your face, but more of ’em under wraps of varying thickness. The libs & Marxoids who didn’t like this trend called ’em “cryptofascist” and of course lots worse names, but some of ’em were real popular. Some folks even thought the ’zine scene was the main thing that pumped up the Skinhead movement which ballooned out right in that era.

There was also a cryptofascist music scene that was even bigger, no doubt because it was more fun for youngbloods to go out dancin’ than sit around readin’ zines or anything else. I got into it pretty heavy for awhile, and almost shaved my head till I realized that a lot of the skins were bored white boys from the ’burbs. Sometimes they’d pick a fight with some normal nig mindin’ his own business so they could gang up & stomp ’im. Where I come from, hardcore Whitetown USA, we think that kinda crap is disgusting & the perps are cowards who never had to defend their ’hood from the black gangs prowlin’ the perimeter just itchin’ to go apeshit on innocent white folks.

There were still a lotta punk rockers around too even though their scene was old hat. Most of ’em leaned to the left side of the scale, and when a bunch showed up at the same gig as us white power dudes there was guaranteed to be a bash. That was the most fun of all because you could kick ass in an all-out no-holds-barred fair-fight riot, till the cops showed up and you had to bail out fast.

Black metal was probably the biggest crypto scene of all, and that’s where I met people who were into the Devil big time, including plenty of pro-whites. I had mixed feelings about it, partly because my God’s-blessed dead Mom was still inside me, and as sweet & loving as she was, if the Devil himself showed up at her doorstep she woulda flattened his horns with a frying pan and sent him scuttlin’ off with his tail between his legs. I mean that lady had no truck with evil in any way, shape, or form! And sure enough it turned out that a lot of the so-called Satanists were just punky brats tryin’ to be bad, maybe to spite their goody-good parents.

Some of ’em were hardcore though, and did serious magic that conjured up gen-you-wine creepy critters from the black abyss that underlies this thin-crusted physical world. They were followers of Aleister Crowley & some of his spin-off magicians, plus others that had a racial bent. I thought it was pretty funny that one of these supposedly pro-white cults called itself the Black Order. A biker dude I knew was into it and I said WTF, y’mean it’s for nigs? If we hadn’t been friends he would of got pissed, but I got the last laugh a little later when the high-fallutin’ leader of this wannabe SS came outa the closet as a fag.

Then I got wind of orders or orgs or “currents” (as they call it) that were started by big-time characters who really were whiteside, one of ’em even in the actual SS during the war. Another one said that he met Hitler after the war in Antarctica, and I thought whoa, this is one o’ them furry-fringe nutcults! But I looked into it and it was more complex than that, and got deep into spiritual teachings that I knew were legit from other sources. These two characters were named Evola & Serrano, and I latched into their trips for awhile, years in fact, and met lots of their fans & followers. It had an unhappy ending as you might guess from the title of this spiel, and I found a better path. But what I learned along the way might be enlightening for other white folks, so I’ll pursue the story further as soon as the space opens up in my workload.

Meanwhile, the most enlightened white dude I know is layin’ out the scoop on this subject in a style lots deeper than I could ever delve, so if it suits your taste I invite you to dive into it:

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