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Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

Updated: Feb 8, 2020


A hidden cause of the afflictions of the white race, and especially the awakened portion of it, is that the dominant religious/mystical/occult tradition followed by white racialists lies on the dark side of the spiritual spectrum; i.e., it’s a left-hand path.

As a follower of the Path of LVX (Light), I’ve frequently found myself at odds, and occasionally in conflict, with proponents of the trad in question, going back over the whole thirty-year span of my involvement in the racial movement. Debate is very difficult because the esoteric teachings are slippery and easily skewed, and can’t be grasped at all by the mundane mind. So I was very happy to find an excellent compendium of the darkside doctrine in the private writings of a young woman, personally delivered to me with her permission by a mutual friend. The material took some editing, but I honed it into chapter 2 of this essay, subsequently approved by the author Ella (a pseudonym) as a completely accurate presentation of her work.

Chapter 1 is by me; I approached it from a detached POV and didn’t tip off my critical perspective. I posted links to the two-chapter document on social media, where Ella’s spiel was applauded by racialists as a wonderful expression of “our” worldview. Now the essay has expanded into my critique, starting with chapter 3, and you, the present reader, have been duly forewarned of the intent. May open minds prevail! ~ JRK

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