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The Heart of It All

Instant Recap: Darkside doctrine promulgates the lie that the Path of LVX ends in divine Oneness and that its followers dissolve therein. The TRVTH rises from the One to the None, a transcendent Nothingness which is actually a glorious state encompassing all creation. It’s the Source of illimitable knowledge and power for those who attain it.

5. The Heart of It All

Let’s look back for a moment at the Godseye view presented in chapter 1: we see the two currents of LVX and Nacht (light and dark) in unending flux around the timeless detached presence of the Absolute. We now have a model for each side of the dyad: Evola/Serrano as presented by Ella on the darkside and Franklin Merrell-Wolff in the LVX, so let’s continue our comparison.

FMW’s near-century on Earth was lived in a loose community of spiritual seekers and finders grounded in the esoteric teachings of many traditions, mostly Eastern. Such people took for granted that progress on their path generated positive energy in all its forms: love and compassion, affirmation, optimism, felicity, integrity, and all the highest human virtues. This perspective arose not from doctrines or beliefs but from their own experience of these beatific gifts, manifested individually and enhanced collectively, magnified in the resonance of the community. An individual like FMW who made the supreme attainment became a generator of LVX in all its glory: his very presence would radiate immense quanta of light, love, power, and bliss to his fellows.

This is a stark contrast to Ella’s remarks in chapter 2 (on the same page as chapter 1, linked above). She views “love for everything and all creatures” as a doctrine which is exhorted in the Bhagavad Gita as a means to achieve detachment, and comments: “The principle is right, but as a Luciferian spirit you cannot feel love but rather hatred towards all and everything”. This is clearly a personal statement, and lifts the curtain on the nature and quality of life as its lived by the followers of this path.

In chapter 4 I said that the ecstatic experience of divine Oneness is the opening of the heart chakra. This is not the peak of the spiritual path but is central to it, as shown by its middle position in the vertical axis of the seven chakras. Most followers of the path of LVX believe it to be a prerequisite for the supreme attainment, which we call OM. They’re mistaken in this, though it definitely smooths the way, and a case can be made that a much greater proportion of Lux-siders than darksiders attain the goal for this reason. But a larger question presses upon us: what is the consequence for those who attain OM (whether there are many, few, or any of them) without an open heart?

The basic tenor of human life is extremely negative. The individual souls who comprise it are on a vast sliding scale from the heights of glory to the depths of despair, but the bottom line for the whole lot is much closer to the pit than the pinnacle. All the great religions and enlightened philosophies agree that the immediate cause of the sorry state of the human condition is avidya ~ the Sanskrit word for spiritual ignorance.

The opposite is vidya ~ spiritual awareness; it elevates the individual and is the potential cure for the malaise of the human condition. Those who have it know what it is; for those who don’t, it’s that of which naught can be said. In the worldview of degenerating aeons or yugas, upon which most LVX and Nacht proponents tend to agree, the total quantum of vidya in the human world has been declining since the beginning and is now at its lowest ebb, this being the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. We can only imagine what life might have been like in happier aeons, and yearn for the turning of the cycles of time to the next Golden Age, or Sat Yuga. Meanwhile, the best we can use is a rule of thumb to observe what differentiates good life from bad.

If there were only one being in all existence, it would not face the complex problem of relating to others. Throughout history many humans have attempted to solve this very problem by living as far as possible as if each one of them were the only sentient being in the world. Hermits, misanthropes, megalomaniacs, autists, schizophrenics, solipsists, and ascetics seeking the simple path to enlightenment ~ all have embraced Sartre’s infamous maxim that “hell is other people”.

For the rest of the sentient beings in the world (notably the human ones), the most obvious fact of life is that it goes better when individuals treat each other well ~ out of respect, kindness, fellow-feeling, empathy, or even love. In fact love in its many forms is the best social lubricant of all, and thrives amidst even the most brutal conflicts.

The highest form of love is Caritas, usually defined as the love of God for all creation. But since our spokesperson for the darkside has demonized this as an illusory trick of a Demiurge, we have to be more exact in our definition. In chapter 4 I mentioned that my chronicle of FMW began at the point where he attained Atman, a LVX of the highest chakra, the Crown (Sahasrara). Atman is the Divine Self ~ of the universe as well as the individual, since there’s only one. Then I said that FMW proceeded upwards from there to reach OM, which lies beyond the chakras, the cosmos, and all forms of Selfhood. “Atman”, however, is the most precise definition of “God”; it contravenes the dualistic/“transcendent” God of the Western religions, aka Ella’s strawman-Demiurge. The cosmic Atman, by contrast, is an ineffable entity both within and beyond all sentient beings. This shows that the reason the Atman loves them is because it is them. If you could fission off human twins of yourself, sharing the same mind and feelings, you would love them just as you love yourself. This in fact is exactly what the Atman did ~ it’s how God created the universe and why he loves his creatures, even though most of them have forgotten that they are him.

When he attained OM FMW was beyond Atman/God and all its attributes, including love, which like everything else merged with its opposite and disappeared into the glorious indifference. This holds true on the universal as well as the individual level: we can imagine that in the ‘beginning’ OM blinked downward a miniscule notch from its perfection, and thereby generated God with his infinite love and power. The reason why OM did this is the biggest spiritual mystery of all, even among adepts who relive it, including FMW; but since we’re all here, we know it happened.

And this is the first fruit of the Path of LVX: a Master of OM can ascend from the world, beyond manifestation and relationship, including his closest companions. While in that state of supreme consciousness with no object nor subject, he cares no more for them than any of the myriad creatures who populate the illusion of material form. But the instant he begins to descend from the peak, he coalesces into Atman with its all-encompassing Caritas. His compassionate love is felt and reciprocated by sensitives and people close to him, like FMW’s wife as reported in chapter 5 of The Man Who Became What IS. The nature of Caritas is so subtle, though, that it may pass unnoticed by average people. If a Master walked among them they might simply wonder what he was so happy about, and it might even irritate the nasty ones. But it so happens that Caritas often generates a second major fruit, which strikes the heart.

The heart chakra is called Anahatain Sanskrit, a term also applied to the kind of love it radiates. There is a direct connection between the heart and crown chakras, a nexus of numenal energy called the Amrita nadi. It can bypass the intervening chakras or connect with them too, depending on circumstances or the individual. Some experiencers of Anahata never go beyond the heart, and fall into its delusions of universal brotherhood and sameness, called “confusion of spheres”. But if the Amrita nadi opens ~ sometimes with an assist from a guru ~ they can instantly cast off the befuddlement and get at least a glimpse of the penultimate LVX of Sahasrara. By the same token, if an adept of the crown or of OM activates his Amrita, his Caritas will funnel down through his heart and become a fount of love for all who approach. Most people can readily perceive and be touched by Anahata, including everyone who loved their mother. This is why the Masters of LVX are the most beloved beings on the planet, embraced and admired by all who meet them, happily obeyed by devotees, and often worshipped after death or even in life. They may choose to shed their LVX on many people or only a chosen few, or to cultivate it privately within themselves. The choice is theirs alone, for theirs is the mind and will and heart of God.

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