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How to Conquer God

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Instant recap: Ella promulgated her worldview of Nein und Nacht (the Eternal No and Great Night) based on her reading of Evola and Serrano. We’re now comparing it to the work of Franklin Merrell-Wolff (FMW), a Western man who attained the Absolute enlightenment guided by the Eastern teachings which Ella despises.

4. How to Conquer God

I was impressed by Ella’s exegesis because it’s such a concise rendering of the worldview that has prevailed in the occult branch of the white racial underground since the end of World War II. Just as in the exoteric political branch, the whole Weltanschauung hinges on invictus, the defiant assertion of the mortal self against the powers of fate and all that’s sacred. The mythic embodiment of this attitude is Faust, about which I scribed a critical essay at that link. Ella read it and of course disagreed with it; in chapter 2 I condensed her assessment into the brief statement that the left-hand path of Nein & Nacht should not be confused with Faust selling his soul.

Ella takes great delight in conquering her straw God, withering him with Faustian contempt, delighting in the fruit that tastes so sweet because he had forbidden it. The “passive, feminine” doctrine promulgated by the “Demiurge” (the Christian religion) is that the sin of Lucifer is pride, and Ella exults in it, just like Faust when he became king of the world. And beyond all myth and dogma, this is truly the essence of the left-hand path that wends its way along the dark side of existence: the exaltation of the individual self, the elevation of the ego to the throne of glory.

The path of LVX (Lux = Light) takes exactly the opposite tack: the goal is to conquer the self. Some proponents of the darkside may claim this aim as well, but they are mistaken ~ or are being untruthful in service to their Lord Lucifer, who in Christian teaching is known as the Father of Lies. A simple insight makes it clear: what can conquer the self except something beyond it and greater than itself? If the self defeats the self, the victor is still the self. This is not mere semantics but a verbal key to the deepest truth.

The self in fact dissolves in the experience of divine Oneness, and the ongoing effort of surrendering the self to the divine is a key practice not only of Christianity and Islam but of all the major religions of East and West, with the arguable exception of Judaism. The falsehood in the assertions of Nein & Nacht is that this teaching is also the core of the Path of LVX itself. The truth is that it’s an exoteric doctrine which has its proper place as such among the mass of believers in all those religions. So the misunderstanding or deception in the darkside diatribe is to make it look as if the TRVTH of LVX is merely exoteric, and that esoteric awakening ineluctably leads to the Nacht.

To unravel this error (or lie) we turn back to FMW. The first thing we learn is that the ultimate node of divinity is not Oneness at all, but Nothingness. The ecstatic dissolution into Oneness is not even close to the top ~ it’s specifically the opening of the heart chakra. My condensed summary of FMW’s voluminous account began at a point where he was already three chakra-levels beyond Oneness: the attainment of ‘Atman’, which happens at the crown chakra. And it was all upwards from there!

Now let’s see how the stages of FMW’s ascent to the Absolute match up with Ella’s statements. First I note that she freely admitted that she was not speaking from Gnosis but strictly from her Weltanschauung; so despite the depth of her convictions, Nein & Nacht is for her a belief-system rather than a reality gathered from her personal experience. The hero of her mythos is the man who attains the goal of “the true Aryan path of solar spirituality”. This Übermensch steals the forbidden fruit from the Demiurge, “jumps into the infinite”, travels “beyond the stars, outside creation”, where he “awakens in the Great Night” and is still himself. Thus he “becomes ‘God’” ~ not the literal God, of course, who for Ella is the Demiurge; rather, he “incarnates transcendent powers”, has “neutralized all his dharma and karma,” and has become “absolutely free and unlimited”.

We’ve already seen how FMW attained the Absolute/OM, which of course is the infinite realm beyond creation, and that his conscious self-identity remained unbroken in the midst of the Great Night. Now I’ll quote more from chapter 5 of The Man Who Became What IS, which describes other effects of the attainment; first is complete freedom, for "I had broken out of the bondage of the space-time manifold". This included freedom from guilt and from the bondage of karma: "The accounts were closed and the books balanced in one grand gesture."

Let’s go on to chapter 6, where FMW described the ultimate stage of OM. It began with “a sense of absolute Satisfaction, a profound balance and repose, not inclining in any direction.” This evolved into a majestic High Indifference, an absolute detachment even from the bliss of supreme fulfillment. In this state, he found that he could command all qualities and manifest them at will ~ he could bless or curse whomever he chose, but he was so void of desire that there was no reason to bless or curse. There was “a sense of power and authority of cosmic proportions. By contrast, the marchings of the Caesars and the conquests of science are but the games of children." For in fact life and death and all that exists are “no more than a dream-drama during a moment's sleep in the illimitable vastness of (OM). And before the commanding Authority and irresistible Power of (OM), all dreams inevitably dissolve."

Here is the real-life fulfillment of Ella’s mythic ideal: a man who became the supernal essence that is greater than God, and incarnated its Absolute power.

In the next chapter I’ll elucidate how FMW’s achievement was specifically the fruit of the path of LVX. For the sake of debate I’ve emphasized its similarity or identity with the outcome claimed for the path of Nacht, but next I’ll take a critical look at that claim and the consequences of following that path.

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