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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Dharma is the path we have to follow to fulfill our destiny, in the spirit and the flesh. It's the struggle for virtue amidst the vicissitudes of life. Dharma encompasses morality, ethics, and religious righteousness, but transcends them all. By following the dharma, we gradually lighten our load of karma from past actions, draw good fortune and blessings into our lives, and increase our chances for spiritual realization.

In this climactic age the world abounds with spiritual paths of every description, so no seeker nor wandering soul need be left out in the cold. A defining feature of RamaDharma is that it’s a path exclusively for white people. We have a special relationship with Spirit not only as individuals but as a race, and this is the trail we blaze for our white kindred.

First Dharma: White Spirit

The infinite Spirit that created the universe has a secret outpost on Planet Earth, where it can be contacted by anyone who dares to confront its power and glory. It wears all the many masks of God, so believers in any of them can connect with the Spirit by communion with the deity of their own credo. Spirit can also be accessed directly by an individual who knows the “password”, which in all cases is the same: you simply have to delete one factor from your personal operating system, a code which in English is spelled with a single letter: I.

The secret is that Spirit is hidden in plain sight ~ in fact it’s everywhere. It’s the external-internal-eternal Presence. It's right there all the time, but you don't perceive it because YOU are in the way. It's what's always happening while you make other plans. As soon as you become willing to step aside, to jettison all your ballast, to let go of your self, your desires and attachments, your entire life as you know it ~ then suddenly you'll realize your heart's desire, the substance behind all those shadowy lusts and illusions.

You can see that this “open sesame” is incredibly difficult, but the purpose of a path is to provide shortcuts and break things down into viable steps. So here’s our open-source briefing on how you can connect with the

Coming soon:

Second Dharma: Sexual Love (Eros)

Third Dharma: Racial Love

Fourth Dharma: The Natural Order (Real-Life Caste)

Fifth Dharma: Pull the Plug

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