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The Feminine Ladies of Twitter

A lot of crazy stuff happens on Twitter, some of it terrible, some of it wonderful, and every so often a miracle of communication. One of the best things for me is finding women who share my commitment to loving service to my man. We’re following tradition to various degrees, signaled by hashtags like #tradwife & #tradlife, and harking back to heirloom words like LADIES. One of my frens (followers/followees) in the white right tweeted a link to a post about the gentleman pictured below, scanned from an old magazine with the heading: “Commander Rockwell started a magazine in the 1950s for the wives of U.S. servicemen”. I snipped it and added the caption and image on the right and tweeted the pic to encourage trad women to identify themselves as ladies!

Now I’d like to introduce you to some of the ladies by way of the cover pics & info on their profiles. I’ll start off with mine:

And here we go:

Isn’t it amazing that there’s such a resurgence of femininity going on, with so many women flocking back to our natural roles and biological urges? Especially after a century of feminism defiling women, bending their gender, driving them into a rat-race to dominate men! But here is the evidence that nature will always spring back and reclaim her own.

As I understand the rules of netiquette, it’s OK for me to unveil this here on a blog because they’re all public profiles. But I better go back and tweet the link to the ladies to make sure they agree! My hope is that they’ll attract more like-minded frens from people reading the post. Then if everything’s smooth with them, I’ll pop back over here to the blog and share some of our conversations with you in another post! 😁

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