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UFO Nordic Aliens 1: Who are they? What do they want?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

In the mid-1960s, a young boy who was approaching his teenage years sat on the living room couch of his comfortable home in a White suburban American town. He held in his eager hands a large-format publication about the size of LIFE magazine. It looked like a regular magazine, but it was not a periodical. It was something more like a book. Its topic was Unidentified Flying Objects. And it would change his life.

The magazine featured many articles and photographs about UFO sightings and reported encounters. The boy was fascinated by what he read. He had never seen a UFO, or even met anyone who had. But he was utterly convinced the phenomenon was real, and really important. The UFO ships were real. They were really occupied by travelers from other worlds. The UFOs had weapons that could shoot down our best fighter aircraft. But they did not seem to be preparing to invade America in some war-of-the-worlds scenario. There seemed to be more than one type of alien, and more than one type of alien craft. For the most part, these otherworldly travelers seemed interested in humanity, but they were not interested in revealing themselves by landing their flying saucers on the White House lawn.

One type of alien talked about by people who claimed to have met them were tall, blonde, blue-eyed, fair-complexioned, beautiful, and apparently human. They were the friendliest and most benign of all. Some people called them the Space Brothers. Most called them the Nordics. Reading about them changed the young boy's life.

He wondered where these beautiful Nordic women and handsome men came from. He wondered what their intentions were. The boy imagined that they might want to help our troubled human race during the turbulent 1960s, when race riots and the Vietnam War had the nation unsettled and fearful. Little did he know at the time that those troubling events were the harbingers of much worse to come.

The boy gazed at artists' rendering of the Nordic space brothers and sisters. They were so handsome, so beautiful. He wondered what it would be like to live on a planet populated exclusively by Nordics like them. No black rioters burning down cities. No Yellow Peril endangering a White Imperium…

Friends, that White boy was me.

During the decades between the 1960s and now, I have maintained a steady interest in the topic of UFOs and Nordic aliens. I have read much about them. And much of what I read was pure garbage—silly, simplistic, credulous crap. So many people were interested in the subject that publishers, shysters, and egomaniacs could milk money from the public by feeding them colossal loads of appealing nonsense. At the same time, however, I found that there were enough genuine investigators, experiencers, and contactees to warrant spending some time and money sifting for these few nuggets of gold surrounded by tons of dirt.

Why is good information about UFO Nordic aliens so hard to find? You may well ask. I'll tell you why. The answer to that question is the same as the answer to this question: Why is truthful information from our government and most powerful institutions so hard to find? If you know the answer to the last question, you also know the answer to the first.

Am I being too cagey here? No, not really. The full and complete answer is not simple. We need to cast our nets far and wide to capture all the relevant facts. We need to look around the entire world of today, and look back to the world of the past—even the most ancient past—and then look beyond our world entirely.

That's a tall order. But we've got to start somewhere. So let's begin in our own slice of time and space. Let's begin with that young boy sitting on the couch of his suburban home in an all-White town during the mid-1960s.

What that boy didn't know at the time, but would later find out, is that the American government knew a lot more about UFOs than it was willing to talk about. During the 1940s, reports of "flying saucers" were coming in from all across the land. The government was concerned. The military and intelligence units responsible for safeguarding the North American continent from possible Soviet aggression were worried that fake UFOs might be decoys hiding real incursions into North American airspace. The Cold War was just beginning and no one knew how it would end. The prospect of civilization-ending nuclear war kept many awake at night.

A plan was hatched in the corridors of government power based on ideas from the intelligence community. The aim of the plan was to discredit UFO reports by using popular media to mock anyone who took such things seriously. Of course, the government took UFOs seriously, but they didn't want YOU to know that. They wanted to keep you calm and reasonably happy. Happy enough to keep the status quo unaltered, at least.

For the most part, it worked. Professors and newspapers explained why UFOs were misidentified natural phenomena: Venus, weather balloons, aircraft…swamp gas. Anyone who publicly dissented from that view was mocked and dismissed. Their credibility was ruined.

This worked with many people—maybe even most people—but not with all people. Some people still thought there was something going on out there…and up there. They had seen things. Or believed other people who had seen things. In some cases, they simply reasoned it out for themselves that in our great big universe we could not possibly be the only intelligent life form.

A UFO underground or fringe community soon formed through books, magazines, and gatherings where experiencers and true believers could meet. Also some hucksters and deluded dudes, but we won't worry about them.

For our purposes, here's the key thing about the UFO community from that early era, especially the 1950s: Nordic aliens were THE aliens. Benevolent Space Brothers. And very, VERY attractive Space Sisters. The Nordic aliens were like gods.

Let me repeat that: The Nordic aliens were like gods.

Now we're really getting somewhere. White people of European descent have always pictured our gods as White, of course. Look at the religious art from ancient Greece to northern Europe to Russia and all the way to American religious popular art in the 1950s. Jesus was as White as Odin.

This begs the question: Did our ancestors invent gods that looked like themselves as a matter of psychological necessity? Lots of people believe that today.

But suppose the truth is the other way around? Maybe we didn't invent White gods. Maybe White gods invented US! Our ancestors believed in White gods because they were CREATED by White gods.

Suddenly the pieces begin falling into place. But the puzzle isn't solved yet. There are still many holes where missing pieces must fit. We're not yet at the end of our journey.

Here are other important questions. Other races have ancient gods that look like them. Were they also the product of gods of similar appearance? Or was there only one group of creator gods that projected different superficial appearances depending on which group they were appearing to?

We have a lot more to look into. But I don't want to make you wait to get a summary answer. So I'm going to give you a rough and ready answer right now. I won't provide any explanation yet, much less give out all the details. I just want you to get the main message right now, in this first blog post, before we go any further.

There are many different alien races. Some choose to hide their true appearance behind projections, so they may appear to be something other than what they are. Other alien races show you their true face right from the start. These different alien races are NOT all working together. They are at cross-purposes in many cases.

The human race is actually many races, of course. Our human species and its racial variants are the result of alien intervention that pushed and pulled a natural evolutionary process into directions that unassisted evolution never would have gone. We are all part of a grand experiment. Or a series of experiments. There are many cooks involved in making this soup.

All of these alien cooks are like some extraterrestrial United Nations: They talk, and they talk, proclaiming universal good will, while behind the scenes each group works to achieve its own agenda. To a first approximation, we can say that the major races of humanity—White, Yellow, and Black—are each the children of their own alien experimenter gods. Even so, within each race there are different teams or factions that push and pull our genetic development in different directions. Their arcane strategies and hidden objectives are difficult for us to fathom.

Here's what we White people can be sure of. We are creatures who owe our racial existence to the UFO Nordics. They made us, and they made us for a purpose. There is a reason why our race is roughly mid-way between the Black and Yellow races in our athletic and intellectual abilities. There is a reason why we developed so much further in science, technology, and military capabilities than the other races. There is a reason why we conquered the whole world during the last 500 years. And there is also a reason why we've lost, or are in the process of losing, all of that.

Those reasons will be the subject of my next chapter.

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