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UFO Nordic Aliens 2: White Rise and Fall

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

White people can be sure of one thing: we owe our racial existence to the UFO Nordics. They made us for a purpose. There is a reason why we developed so much further in science, technology, and military capabilities than the other races. There is a reason why we conquered the whole world during the last 500 years. And there is also a reason why we've lost, or are in the process of losing, all of that. In this chapter, I will address our rise and fall…and how we will rise again.

In the previous chapter [UFO Nordic Aliens 1: Who are they? What do they want?] I said there are many different alien races involved in pushing the evolution of the various human races in different directions. It's important to understand this in both material and spiritual terms. We are not some sort of biological machines without a spiritual component. We are not annihilated at death. And we did not appear from out of nothing at birth. We are much more than what we look like. And so are the various alien races. They can manipulate our material bodily forms. The more advanced aliens races can also affect certain aspects of our soul or spiritual form. I'll say much more about this later. For now, I'm just establishing some baseline of knowledge on this point.

When some UFO alien tells a human being "We created you" the alien is probably referring to the creation of our root human species a long, long time ago. However, the alien might also be referring to something much more specific. He (or she) could be telling you about your own bodily conception as a fertilized egg in the body of your mother. It's important to keep both those possibilities in mind, the personal and the species-wide. I'll say something about each of these as time goes on. Right now, I need to tell you about the origin of the human species.

If you've ever read any UFO books that discussed human origins, or seen any of the many TV shows that mention this, particularly ANCIENT ALIENS, you'll know the mythology of human origins and the modern, UFO-theorist "Chariots of the Gods" version. In both the old myth and the modern UFO lore versions of the human origin story, we were created to accomplish some task for our creators. Our mission was to serve them somehow. That's almost right, but not quite.

The human race was actually created because a very powerful alien race screwed up.

The many UFO alien races exist in a hierarchy. The ones who come to Earth and interact with us directly are quite low on the totem pole. They do the bidding of much higher, much more powerful beings. The aliens who come to Earth are like a military expeditionary force sent to a foreign land. The ones who ordered them there are like the top brass military commanders. At higher levels are their superiors, who dwell at much higher levels of power. Imagine these different types of aliens on power graph, in which the height of the alien indicates their level of power. (This is not physically true. It's just a metaphor.) Compared to us on the power scale, the aliens who come to Earth may be our size or a bit larger. If we are 6 feet tall on that metaphorical scale, the Nordic aliens would be 12 feet tall. Their superiors might be 25 feet tall. And their superiors might be 100 feet tall. And on and on, up and up, until the power scale had aliens thousands and millions of feet tall. Those types are far too powerful and important to bother with little individual human beings. If they did bend this low and touched the earth, they could casually crush us yet hardly notice, like a human being stepping on an ant while busy doing something else. You really, REALLY don't want to mess around with any being so much higher in the scale than we are!

The UFO Nordic aliens and other types of aliens who come to Earth are much closer to our power scale level, although still significantly more powerful than we are. Farther up the power scale, many levels above those aliens, are the ones who don't bother with life on planets like Earth. Their job is to handle entire solar systems. Their responsibilities involve dealing with the many objects and entities that inhabit and a particular portion of a galaxy. Higher still is the god-like being responsible for our entire galaxy. That one is only worried about things on the scale of galactic space.

His biggest worry is that the Andromeda galaxy is barreling towards our Milky Way at breakneck speed. It's going to collide with us in about 4.5 billion years. For galactic level, god-like aliens, that's awful soon.

But let's back turn from the far to the far distant past. One day several billion years ago, the very powerful (but not galactic level) aliens responsible for our then-young solar system messed up. The planets of our solar system had only recently congealed from the disc of interplanetary gas and dust surrounding the Sun. The planets were still very hot. And there was a lot of space debris floating around the solar system. Asteroids, which are much tinier than planets, were still bombarding planetary surfaces. There was no life on any planet yet.

Many of the planets already had small moons (natural satellites) orbiting around them. Like our sister planet Venus, the Earth had no moon and didn't need one. But Earth was about to get a moon, and in the worst possible way: by mistake.

Somehow, the powerful alien beings responsible for establishing orderly planetary orbits fumbled the ball. A fairly large proto-planet smashed into the embryonic Earth. A big chunk of the Earth and a portion of the proto-planet were flung out into space, where they combined to form the Moon.

What a disaster! This was not part of the plan for our solar system. The whole balance of cosmic forces, energies, and entities for our little corner of the Milky Way galaxy had been upset. Those responsible would be getting a very bad report from their cosmic superiors over this!

What to do? Each planet had been designed to receive and transmute certain solar energies from our Sun, combining those with energies from other stars in our galaxy. It was all very intricate, like a symphony orchestra, where every musician has a part to play. The cosmic collision that caused our Moon to be created was not in the sheet music!

Something had to be done. The Earth had been slated to give rise to certain types of organic life. None of them were supposed to have human-level intelligence. But the cosmic engineer god-like aliens knew that they could partially rectify their Moon mistake if they changed their original plans for Earth-life so it would give rise to human-level intelligence. That would take a little while, of course. Several billion years, in fact. But that's OK. It was well within the design parameters for this type of solar system.

One problem with this work-around solution was that life for human beings on Earth would not be as pleasant as it would have been under different circumstances. The Moon needed human energies to balance out its cosmic accounts. Therefore, some portion of human energy at the biological, psychological, and spiritual energy would be given up to the Moon. Quite literally, some human energy was needed to feed the Moon.

Feeding the Moon is not a good deal for us. From our human perspective, it's a lunatic thing to do. Human lives and energies are affected by all the heavenly bodies. That's the key insight behind astrology. If we were only affected by the Sun and the other planets, and to a lesser extend by the more distant stars in their courses, that's one thing. Not too bad. But the Moon threw a big monkey wrench into the whole affair. The Moon didn't need just a few vibes from the range of human energy frequencies. It need big, heaping portions of energies, and on a regular basis. Almost every day, and definitely every month.

As I mentioned earlier, human beings have a bodily organic biology component, and a spiritual one. (Each of those two major components is a lot more complex than I'm letting on here. Let's save those complications for another day.) The spiritual component reincarnates from life to life. Even from planet to planet, or to different planes in the larger, multi-level cosmic mandala. Reincarnation is determined by choices made, and spiritual development levels attained, in previous lifetimes.

What sort of karma would lead a soul to be reincarnated on the newly human-populated Earth?

Well my friends, that's a good news, bad news story. Being reincarnated on a planet with a big, honking Moon that's going to vampirize some of your energy is not exactly a plum promotion. In fact, it's pretty damned low on the totem pole of cosmic possibilities.

On the other hand, things could be worse. There are several realms even lower than the Earth plane that we could have been born into. Those planes are pretty damned awful. Hellish, in fact.

Fortunately, none of these incarnations is forever. There is plenty of mobility between levels of cosmic planes. In fact, there's a lot more room in the many levels above the Earth plane than in the small number of planes below the one we're on now. More room in Heaven than in Hell, you might say.

As for feeding the Moon, that too is something that happens to different degrees for different people. The lunar vampire does not suck the energy from each person equally. People who make morally bad, harmful choices are more likely to be sucked dry. They'll give up a lot of energy to the Moon during their lifetime here on Earth. After death, they'll be drawn entire to the Moon, where a paraphysical race of cosmic beings will enslave and cannibalize them. Cosmic justice, of a sort.

Now, how do the UFO Nordic aliens fit into this picture?

The UFO Nordics don't want us to feed the Moon by being venal and stupid. In fact, they want us to be the opposite of that. They want us to be spiritually noble. Large of heart, honorable, and spiritually refined. Aryan was the term for this spiritually nobility in the great, ancient Eurasian spiritual tradition. That term may have been misused by some, but it's still a good one that ought not be abandoned.

To be spiritually Aryan is to be honorable, large of heart, and spiritually oriented. Sometimes that means being peaceful. But at other times, it means battling for what's right. The great classic spiritual text from India, the Bhagavad Gita, is all about a noble prince named Arjuna who is reluctant to go to war until his Teacher, the great Avatar Krishna, gives him a tremendous spiritual lesson and then commands Arjuna to fight.

The Bhagavad Gita is an excellent summary of the great spiritual teaching of the Hindus, with whom we share a root lineage. I won't say more about that right now. But I will draw your attention to the episode I just described in which Arjuna was reluctant to go to war. Arjuna was exhibiting the sort of weakness exhibited by many modern day White people, especially the politically liberal ones. Arjuna wanted to get along with everybody, even those who were trying to utterly destroy him. Arjuna was being like the feckless Whites of Europe and North America who think open borders is a good idea, and we should let the rest of the world move into our homelands and begin demanding special treatment from us. In other words, Arjuna was like modern liberals everywhere.

Krishna basically took Arjuna by the scruff of the neck and kicked him in the ass. (Not literally. Krishna actually manifested his Divine Form to Arjuna's mortal eyes, which scarred the living shit out of him, until Krishna resumed his human form, calmed Arjuna down, and then explained what's what to him, in grand metaphysical terms.) Krishna told Arjuna to fight, and not to worry about anything else. His duty was to uphold justice and safety for his people, against the unrighteousness of his enemies, even though they included his own cousins who were trying to overthrow him.

All human beings are cousins in the sense of the story of Arjuna and Krishna. White people ought not hate Brown or Yellow people. Live and let live. But not in our lands. To each his own. We are happy to communicate and trade with them. But we ought not intermarry with or surrender our lands to them, even if those lands are only a few miles across. Whites must have secure living and breeding areas, or else we have no future.

Our UFO Nordic aliens creators are not the only aliens with a hand in the making and molding of the human race as a species. Every racial and ethnic group has a group spirit, or racial soul. The many people of different European nationalities each have their own group spirit, and each group spirit comprises a part of the great soul of the White race. In Christianity they speak of each Christian being a part of the body of Christ. Same idea.

I am speaking in broad terms here. The actual metaphysical mechanics of this stuff is maddeningly complex. You're here for the show, for the documentary, not for the technical manual. So I'll try to keep this as entertaining yet informative as possible.

Here's the thing. The tall, white, blonde, blue-eyed UFO aliens who we call Nordics were given that name because they look like the Nordic peoples of the White race. What does that suggest to you? A crazy coincidence? Not on your life! The UFO Nordic aliens aimed to create within the larger human race a group who looked just like themselves. These were to be the noble, Aryan group that would guide humanity to higher and better things.

That was the plan, anyway. But as with the Moon debacle, things did not go according to plan.

At first, the plan was coming along nicely. The progenitors of the White race arose in steppes region of what is today southern Russia and Ukraine. They set off to conquer the lands to the south, to the west, to the north, and to the east. They had great success in all directions except the east, where their advance was blunted by the people living in today's China. The competition between White and Yellow has continued ever since, with neither side ever winning a permanent victory. That says something about the worthiness of each side.

When the Aryans invaded India, they conquered the darker peoples there. Each side learned from the other. The original Aryan religion of the Vedic scriptures was complemented by the religions of the Dravidians in south India. That merging was fruitful for both sides. But the genetic mixing was not desirable. The Aryans knew that their fair complexions would disappear in the larger population of India if intermarriage was allowed. So they instituted the Varna (color) laws of the caste system. That stemmed the tide but did not totally eliminate the problem. The caste system is complex and unwieldly. It hampers social and economic interactions, and complicates everything.

The Aryans had better luck to the west and north. They displaced the peoples they found there. Conquest is not a picnic or a tea party. The Earth is not some heavenly plane, remember. In the world of competition between human groups, might always makes right. It would be nice if we could change this. And that is something the UFO Nordic aliens want us to do, eventually. But we're getting ahead of our story here.

The Aryans pushed into Europe and the lands around the Mediterranean basin. They became the ruling, warrior class everywhere they went. Inevitably, though, they mixed with the native populations. Their unique blonde, blue-eyed, fair complexioned features became less and less common in the Mediterranean areas of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Only in northern Europe, and particularly in Scandinavia, did the Aryans find lands where they could become, not just the dominant group, but nearly the only group. The Nordic lands provided exactly the laboratory the UFO Nordic aliens needed to complete their genetic program.

Skip ahead by many centuries and millennia. Europeans developed a unique civilization. White people from northern to southern Europe, but especially in the lands stretching from the British Isles to Scandinavia, down through France to Italy, across Germany to Poland and Russia, powered unprecedented advancements in science, mathematics, technology, and military prowess. Like their Aryan ancestors, they pushed forth to dominate and colonize much of the globe. By the year 1900, a White Imperium comprised of many nations was the undisputed global hegemon.

Soon after that peak, everything began to go wrong. Badly wrong. Worse and worse, in fact. Until we reach today. Colleges teach, and government and private companies preach, about "overcoming whiteness." Miscegenation is rampant and encouraged by the powers that be. Our glorious White Imperium has gone to shit. What went wrong?

I'm actually going to set that question aside for the moment. Let's turn our attention back to the UFO Nordic aliens. You might well ask, "If these UFO people are so advanced and powerful, how come we, their creatures, are faring so poorly?"

The answer to that question is actually very simple. The UFO Nordic aliens, and all the rest of the alien races, are not as advanced or powerful as many people imagine. They are not even very numerous. Not on Earth, anyway. Don't imagine there's a UFO fleet with billions of White warriors waiting to save us. Nothing like that exists. The UFO Nordics have limited powers and limited numbers. Earth is not their only area of interest, or even the most important. Sorry to give you that news, but that's just the way it is. In the grand cosmic scheme of things, we're not as important as we like to think we are.

The UFO Nordic aliens have tweaked our genetics and inspired some good people to do some good things. The aliens did this mostly subtly and from the background, so their influence goes unnoticed. You might even say that the UFO Nordic aliens are the guardian angels of the White race. They want us to evolve, and to help all the other races on Earth to evolve too. For a time, we were doing a good job of accomplishing that, but not a perfect one. We messed up when White people started slaughtering one another in the fratricidal, two-part conflict known as World Wars One and Two in the first half of the 20th century. Our UFO Nordic alien guardian angels are distraught over our manifest failures there and then.

How did things go so badly wrong? The simple answer is that we abandoned the spiritual. We became so infatuated with our material accomplishments in science, industry, and the economy that we stopped caring for the developments of our souls.

In my next chapter, I'll tell you exactly how that happened.

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