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White Woman and the Black Goddess

For the first time in 75 years there’s a sizeable community of white people who love their race, embrace their heritage, and are almost equally divided between the sexes. This is in the context of the small contingent of angry white men who kept the white spirit alive between the fall of the Reich and the rise of the Alt-Right. The momentous development is almost like a reunion between the white man and his woman as collective entities. Viewing it from the towering height of these giant Platonic forms, we can see the reason for all the static that ripples down through the ranks of the legions with their boots (or high heeled pumps) on the ground. It’s as if the white Überman says to his mate: “Where the hell were you all this time, why have you been consorting with the enemy, burning coal with his blackguards, and ball-breaking so many good men?”

Naturally the lady gets indignant, and there is strife between the genders in the white right, even between man and wife. Most of the individuals are innocent of the charges, but all are overshadowed by the racial and sexual karma.

The conflict can only be resolved on this epic level, and the best way to grasp it is by means of the primordial imagery of myth. In Eroskrieg I laid it out in terms of a sexual world war. You can start at the top with that link, but to cut to the chase go to chapter 3: The Second Coming of Kali, which explains how the eternal feminine, the Soul of the (white) World, has transmogrified into a black goddess.

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